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Come Alive, Come Alive

We Shall No Longer Be Prisoners of a Society

What does it mean to be unconventional? Why can we choose between conventional or organic? Basically, one being artificial, and the other being natural. We are all humans, right? We all have different finger and foot prints, we all come from different backgrounds, we all have different thoughts, and so on. You get the gist. Yet, there is a “right” and “wrong” way to be. However you choose to live your own life, you will get put into a category based on how you live it. What’s my point? My point is that we were all born different; some individuals were pushed into the hole of being processed, others were free to stay natural. I’m not anyone to tell you which one is right or wrong, but I am here to give you some food for thought.

I’m still getting to know this person, but her and I talk to each other every day and night. Each day is a task, getting to know a little more about her, and each day she gets better than the last. I am going to use her as an example to explain the point I’m trying to make. Growing up in a household with clear differences, and only one “right” way to be, it was hard understanding and knowing herself. Her life was already planned out before she could even talk or walk. What she will eat and drink; what her religion will be; how she will dress; how her hair will be worn; what she will or won’t be able to do; how she will or won’t speak to or address men; who her authoritative figures will be; what she will study, what career path she will take; who she will marry; how others will view her; and how she will be tamed. Of course, the list can go on and on, but again, you get the gist. 

Growing up, she had no choice but to follow the rules that were set for her, otherwise, there were consequences. Why not just break the rules and deal with the consequences, and save thyself from future anxiety, depression, and confusion? If only it were that easy, but nah, it’s deeper than that. “Animal conditioning, oh, just to keep us as a slave” Lauryn Hill expressed in her song “I Get Out.” You can tame a cub, but you cannot tame a lion. But who said that cub won’t grow into the untamable lion it was supposed to be. In other words, as a young, vulnerable girl who was sheltered from the world; who was the legal property of her progenitors, whom she was taught to obey, she didn’t get to spring into the person she wanted to be, or should have been, but rather was a result of how she was systematically trained to be. Of course, she loves her parents unconditionally, and could never blame them for how she was raised, because they as well, were a product of their environment and were only taught one “right” way. Same with their parents, their parents’ parents, and the generational curse goes on and on.

Get to the point already, right? I would hate to short any parts, but it’ll be necessary to get to the point. Surprisingly unsurprising, she is not, or was not, alone in this battle of being conditioned and processed to live a certain way, and be held to obnoxious standards. Many young girls were robbed of their innocence and youth very early, because of these poisonous traditional standards and roles. No, I am not bashing any group, race, religion, yada yada yada. That is because at the end of the day, we are all humans who eat, shit, drink, sleep, bleed, sweat, cry, laugh, and all the rest of the earthling habits, with shit like race, religion, and politics setting a divide. Call me vulgar, but I call it transparent. 

Anywho, after years of being processed to society’s liking, she lost herself, and it took her longer to learn about herself, to be who she was truly meant to be. She carried a lot of lost and failing traits, thoughts, and ideas on how to function in this cruel world. She was never able to be her organic, true self without living an exhausting double life. Representing herself in two completely different ways in the societal-social divide. One being the standardized way she was trained to be, and the other being her insecure self finding her fierce self. Recherché and misunderstood, she’s proud to say that she gave herself time to unlearn and relearn, mentally heal and ascend, grow, and address that she will no longer be tamed. 

It only took twenty-one years to finally realize the facade she was being controlled with. All that matters is that she didn’t let herself get eaten up as a conventional person. So back to what I was saying in the beginning, why does the option to choose between conventional and unconventional exist? Why is there even a such thing as conventional? We were all born with different finger and foot prints, so why should any of us be the same? Or why should any of us feel like we must follow one way in order to be accepted by society. When honestly, organic should be the only option that should exist and be encouraged. Yet, there is one “right” way to live, and a “wrong” way to live. Who even invented the “wrong” way?... exactly. Humans. Sick humans. We were not set up for failure with our Mother Earth, and all the life and nourishment she has to offer. Nah. Sick materialistic humans created failure to destroy, not to relieve. Annnnnnnnnnnd this all just circles back to power and greed. More to say, but I’ll stop here and let you indulge and ponder.

I am the cub that grew into the untamable lion I'm supposed to be. 

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Come Alive, Come Alive
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