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Coming Out

A Short Story about the Representation of the LGBT Community and the Idea of Coming Out

Pride Flag from Google

The world that we live in isn't as inclusive as we think. We look at those in the LGBT community and we have so many different terms to know and it means that we can label almost every single person. You can not want sex and want a romantic relationship. You can want sex and nothing more. You can like the opposite sex, same sex, both, like those in the middle, like those who feel more boy some days and more girl other days, like those in transition, like all of the above. The LGBT terms are as flexible as a gymnast. The terms are not the problem; the problem is having to tell people.

The problem with telling people is the fear it instills inside of the person, the fear of losing what they have and the fear of being judged. Why do we have a world where being gay is dying in Hell? What happened to love thy neighbour and God loves everyone the same? Am I loved any less because I don't want to ever have sex? Am I loved any less for liking men, women, in between, transsexual, and transgender people? No, I'm not. Why is it looked upon as such? Murderers do much worse and are forgiven for what they do. A man sleeps with a man and all of a sudden they're making a date with Satan. Love everyone as you love yourself is more important than homosexuality. Loving people is mentioned and shown more in the Bible than being homosexual is. Yet, it's made a huge deal out of.

Another problem is the idea of “Coming Out.” I have to come out and tell everyone I'm asexual, panromantic, and genderfluid. I have to tell them to use whatever pronouns. Why isn't it that when we meet people we ask what pronouns? Why do we make such a big deal out of sexuality and being different? Why do we have to say who we want to have sex with or be in a romantic relationship with? Heterosexual people don't have to. “I'm Danny Smith and I'm Straight!” is just the same as, “I'm Belinda and I'm a Lesbian and transgender.” There is no difference. Yet, it's treated like a big thing to say that you may or may not have a partner of the same sex. Is it because it takes a male and a female to create a child? Is it because that's the only use for sex? Then why isn't it frowned upon to use protection? Why is it still over who you sleep with and who you're in a relationship with? Isn't it better to be happy with someone of the same sex than be miserable with the opposite? Isn't it better for a gay couple to adopt a child than bring more into the world to be in care or without parents? Why should it matter if I'm gay, straight, bi, pan, demi, ace or whatever else, if you like me now, why would you not like me after I come out?

A world where you introduced yourself with your pronouns is better than just assuming a gender. A world where it wasn't a big deal to be a part of the LGBT community. A world where you could just turn up to parties with a partner and everybody ask when, where, and how you met, how long you've been going out and if you're both happy. It is treated like it's the end of the world. It shouldn't be. There are worse things to say, like “Mom, I murdered a person,” or “Dad, I raped someone.” So why do people feel the need to commit suicide when all they are saying is I'm changing gender or I'm dating someone of the same sex?

It makes no sense, but here it is: I'm coming out. I am Asexual. I am Panromantic. I am Genderfluid. I am still Sarah. Only the labels have changed. God loves me. My family loves me.

Why is this still a big deal in 2017?