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Confidence and Fake Friends: How Do They Connect?

There is always that one person you know that is really cocky...

Credit to Pixabay

There is always that one person you know that is really cocky, but they defend their cockiness by saying they are just confident in themselves. First of all, there is a big difference in being confident and being a jerk; those are two different things. I have always been told my whole life confidence in yourself is key, which is true. Everyone needs to have confidence. But there is a line that when crossed turns that person into a really really big pain in the but. Every person can admit that in their high school there was always that one person whom everyone despised. Those people usually act the same, they feel they are entitled and turn their nose up at other people, and they think they are better than everyone else. As I mentioned before there is nothing wrong with being confident.

Confidence is really important and very very precious. It is extremely awesome to have confidence because you won't doubt yourself and you know to trust in yourself. Because you know who you are. In a world of Violet Beauregardes, be Charlie Bucket, (if you don't get this reference please go watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, thanks). You want to always make sure that you are sure of yourself and, like I said, that you know who you are. Don't ever let anyone that is talking bad about you or trying to put you down get into your head. Even with this being said there are still those people who do the exact opposite. 

There is a type that if you don't agree with something that they say you are instantly an enemy to them. And somehow they still have friends, but the friends don't act the same. You would think that after seeing their so-called "friend" talk bad about them in their face and do the same to others, they would get some sense lodged in their brains, but nope! I know you are asking yourself, "Anaya, how did this turn into a piece on confidence to fake friends?" Well, these two things go hand in hand actually. See, a person with not enough confidence in themselves will turn them into a person that loves talking bad about other people to make them feel better about themselves. Although, there are many other ways to make yourself feel better about yourself: pamper yourself, read a good book, watch your favorite movie, anything but tearing someone else down.

I mean I have dealt with these types of people in the past and, believe, it has taken a lot out of me not to go crazy and try to fight them, but I'm glad I never did because that would have been the reaction they wanted. Know that I know how to distance myself from those kinds of people so that I won't have to deal with anything like that again. But some people don't and they like to go towards the fire instead of running away. And that's where the problem lies, people do not know how to keep away from red flags. It's like they are moths flying towards a light that they know is bad but once they want to turn back it is too late. They don't know how to stay away.

I am not saying that this is always the case, some like to be in the circle with the crazy one so their name can be called on when there's drama dealing with the fake friend, or overly confident piece of dirt, as I like to call them. Just for the popularity and the occasional, "Oh that's Jessica's friend right there," in the hall (that is the first name that came up). I mean but what can you do—tell them to stop? That will never happen, there will always be that one person who will continue doing it because it makes them happy. I don't see how but, like I said, there's really no way. There is really no way at all to stop someone like this, unless they get a serious reality check like a bucket of punch on a 2,000-dollar dress at prom in front of every person there. That usually only happens in the movies though. In real life, most of the time it's just a really long talk with themselves until they make their brain understand, or they just grow up. If you have someone in your friend group that sounds like who I'm describing get out while you still can fam. Oh and good luck!

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Confidence and Fake Friends: How Do They Connect?
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