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Darla Milholm

Strike Gold

Strike Gold

Let me tell you about the things I miss.

I miss the way I met you. By far one of the funniest prayer conference memories. We took our fruits of the spirit way too seriously that day. But if I could be the loudest one in the room along with you again, drowning our laughter in white grape juice, I’d run back in a heartbeat.

I miss all of our inside jokes and how serious we were about some of our friends being werewolves. I miss sending pictures of a full moon back and forth, as if somehow we were right (still holding out hope). It was stupid and it didn’t make the least bit of sense but it was funny, like everything else we did.

I miss Music Man. We deserved that stage. Our routines were flawless and our jazz hands unmatched. Mrs. Greer should’ve given us our own two-woman show. We would’ve killed it, I’m sure of this.

I miss you being my junior/senior banquet date for five minutes. I still have the pictures.

I miss seeing you in the hallways. I miss the fact that anyone coming in contact with your hair could put you to sleep in minutes. Regardless if you were sitting or standing. I miss your reactions to my hair every time it changed. You were always more excited than I could ever be. I miss hearing you sing, it was hands-down the most incredible thing.

You and I could make the saddest of people smile. We were born that way, little lights in distant dark skies, bright stars in endless galaxies, suns in dreary infinites. I’m lucky that your light gravitated close to mine, and that I had the chance to shine with you. It’s more than deserved, and I’m blessed.

I miss the laughs. There were so many and they happened so often. Our inside jokes and crazy moments were my favorite.

I miss starting ridiculous Instagram fights with you, “riots,” as you called them. I miss “Dion Water,” knowing looks across the room, uncontrollable laughter, cat videos that I knew you’d love, I miss it all. I miss you.

Matthew West wrote a song called “The Beautiful Things We Miss.” It talks about not seeing significant moments for what they are, and praying that we don’t miss them when they come around.

Open Up My Eyes Lord
Keep Me In The Moment Just Like This
Before The Beautiful Things I Love
Become The Beautiful Things I Miss
(Matthew West-The Beautiful Things We Miss)

You are most definitely a beautiful thing to be missed. And I’m glad he opened up my eyes so I could see you, know you, and miss you as much as I do.

I hope our next memory comes around soon. I hope I get that last laugh with you again. Valley’s Gold, I’m glad you made it onto the list of the beautiful things that I miss. Every moment with you was greatly cherished and insurmountably appreciated. Your friendship, priceless. Your beauty, incomparable. Your smile, infectious. Your laughter, contagious. I miss it all, and I’ll miss it forever. Even when we continue to create more memories.

You have a boundless love for life. Everyone can see it. It’s in your eyes. You have a love for life that burns brighter than anyone I’ve ever known. I believe you had this whole happiness thing figured out before the rest of us could gain even the slightest grip on it. It's like you had the key to life this whole time and The Valley just followed you around dutifully, until you unlocked the door.

Dar, you’re radiant, you’re golden, and I love you endlessly.

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Darla Milholm
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