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Dating Advice is A Fraud, Here's Why

A Little Bit of Advice from Another Human

When many of us are young we tend to be drawn towards dating advice online. We usually end up taking magazine quizzes, and of course advice from our closest, most trustworthy friends. Playing games and listening to the "three day rule" only makes dating and love a big game. Of course, you do it to win over the one you are interested in and it makes dating fun. However, taking dating advice from others makes you put on this facade of someone you are not. It only wastes your precious time and effort, or you can take it as experience.

Ironically, we follow advice that probably only worked for that person whom you received it from. There is so much dating advice out in this world that it is not known where to distinguish the difference between the correct and wrong answers. There really no correct way to dating or when it comes to love. Each human is unique in their own way and what works for one person may not work for you. 

Spending too much time playing this "dating game" where you follow various rituals and advice from others is only manipulating your crush into thinking you are someone you are not. Eventually, you will get tired of being someone else. 

You might be thinking "Well, being myself is not enough to find the 'right one' for me." If they cannot accept you for who you truly are then there is no point being with them in the first place. You will eventually show your true self to someone and all that effort with the dating advice given to you would go to waste.

Obviously, people have differing opinions of this topic and what one person thinks may be wrong for another person. Honestly, people will do what they think is right regardless of what others say, but some on the other hand, take the advice wholeheartedly and are disappointed when it does not work out. It is not bad to take the advice and make it your own, only if it works for you of course. 

The best way for dating and your love life is to do what you think is best. If you are clueless at love and need input of others, you can take it and integrate that into your dating ideals but, you should not take rituals and other advice completely to make your date "successful." Lastly, do not go overboard and do crazy thin on a date, be yourself and save time and effort in case they are not the one for you. Being yourself is one key to finding the "right one" because it forces the other person to accept you for you or not. It not only saves time and effort, but it saves you from feeling betrayed and saddened from that person. Think of it like waxing, it is easy, quick, and the pain only lasts for a few seconds at most, a day.

Dating is hard and when it comes down to it, you may shy away and use the advice given to you by your most trusted family and friends. It is not a bad thing to listen to their experience, but it is not a good thing to expect the same outcomes that they had. Everyone is different and unique in their own way, and you are not your friend and they are not you. People will experience different things and react differently as well. It is a good thing. You are one in seven billion, meaning you are not just a number. You are you and use that as a charm point. Another point is that confidence in dating comes with experience, and trial and error. Time is key and your mind is the door that opens those opportunities. Perhaps dating advice works for you and you have no problem with it. For the rest of us out there who have failed to have it work out can take a chance with our own minds and ideals and maybe then we will succeed in this thing we call love.

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Dating Advice is A Fraud, Here's Why
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