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Dear Future Husband

Where Art Thou?

Dear Future Husband,

You may or may not be reading this, but here it goes. Wherever you are, I pray that you are doing well and are still single. We'll find each other soon enough, but here are just a few things you need to know and understand. Think of this as basically a cheat sheet into having a successful relationship/marriage with me.

I'm an INTROVERT to my core. I like to do things alone and quietly. No disrespect to you, but this is just how I be.

Sometimes I get to caught up with trying to be successful instead of paying attention to anything else around me. I'm not neglecting you, I'm just focused.

You'll learn to love my drive and ambition, because I will love yours just as much. Please understand why some nights may seem longer than others. What is sleep when you have a dream to chase, right?

We are a team; everything I work for is to help build our future to new heights. You'll most likely be doing the same thing. I will be committed to our journey together whole-heartedly. I hope you'll be, too.

The time I spend with you will mean so much (I hope). I want to be able to freeze moments with you, just to hold onto them forever. We can try everything and do everything our hearts desire; travel the world—Dubai, Australia, China, and maybe even Germany. Okay, I lied, definitely Germany. TOP PRIORITY!

We will experience all that life has to offer (the fun things, mainly) like skydiving, zip line, and skinny-dipping in a hot spring (list is endless). Somethings I may chicken out, but don't let that discourage you. You will enjoy the experience—one of us needs to, and eventually, I will get it together and do it. Be my backbone in those moments and encourage me, just be supportive and shit.

Encouragement is so essential in relationships, and it's scary how people tend to forget it. Please never forget to encourage me I'll be your biggest cheerleader. Right next to your mom, of course.

Finding your deepest fears and great accomplishments is my desire. I promise to learn what makes you smile or what makes you mad, so I can avoid it at all costs. Human emotions are hard to stop. I'm aware we will fight, swear, and even storm out on one another, but love will trump all. Fair warning: I get stubborn and won't want to hear anything you have to say. Don't worry, I'm still listening, you probably just stroked a nerve in my head and I need you to leave me alone for a bit. Even when we fight, I promise I won't let you go to bed mad. That's a huge no go for me. I'll learn to listen to your concerns before I voice my own (even when you're wrong). Even though we may not share the same interests, we still can learn from one another. I'll try to make our lives entwine smoothly together as much as possible.

Many days may come where you can't stand me or the shit I say, but don't leave. I can be difficult at times, I get it, and I am well aware of this.

I promise never to leave you even when times get hard. I promise it will only get better from where we end up after—unless you cheat. I can't stay for that. I promise to stand by you with every decision we make as a team. I promise to work just as hard as you and match your efforts. I promise that I won't let anyone come between us. I promise to tell you everything and anything (I'll be so annoying). I promise to be your best friend and confidant (we need a handshake).

I know that you're searching for me and have yet to find me. I'm going to need you to speed this up for me, please. I honestly don't think I can handle another heartbreak, so I'll be going through resumes and checking backgrounds of every dude that comes my way because I'm TIRED of these wack dudes.

When we finally find each other, let's mark it on a calendar and celebrate every year. Even when we are old and grey I want to celebrate the day I found true happiness.