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Dear Grace

The Story of a Boy Named Grey Nickson

I love you, Grace. With all my soul and heart.

Death's Embrace

"I couldn't breathe. I just remember running and falling. I was so scared."

"Have you been taking your medicine correctly?"

"Yeah. Every attack..."

"Do you remember anything else?"

"Other than running from death himself? Well, actually... one thing. He.. he hugged me. And after he hugged me, I could breathe again. He whispered something in my ear..."

"What did he say?"

"I-I don't remember. I... just don't.... remember... Help.. help me... he-"

"Grey, are you okay?"


"You were asking for help."

"Y-yeah I'm fine.. Could I maybe leave early?"

"... yeah, go ahead."


My mom was waiting outside the therapist's office for me. I stopped by the bathroom before heading out. I turned on the cold water in the sink and splashed my face.


My heart started racing as I reached in my bag for my pills.

"You shouldn't take those, Grey... They make you forget..."

This isn't real, don't listen...

"Grey! Look at me!"

I looked up in the mirror and saw him. I dumped out my bag in a hurried search for my pills. My hands shook so badly that I dropped the pill bottle all over the floor. I dropped to my knees trying to get one... He picked one up and handed it to me.

"No. No, no, no, no, no. You aren't real. YOU AREN'T REAL!"

"Mr. Nickson? Is everything okay in there?" asked the secretary from outside the bathroom. I couldn't answer her. I couldn't form my words. I couldn't move. Panic had taken over my body and tears rolled down my cheeks. The secretary banged on the door, trying to get in.

"Mr. Nickson! Unlock the door!"

He walked over to me and bent down, looking me in the eyes. I fell to the ground, feeling like jello. I couldn't breathe. Somebody please help me! The world around me got darker and darker. The last thing I saw was the security guard kicking the door in. He rushed over to me. The light slipped away


I woke up in a hospital room. Hospitals were always a place of depression for me and a bad reminder of that day.

"Grey!" my mom said, running to my side. "Are you okay, sweetie?" She placed her hands on each side of my face and then hugged me.

I shook my head yes.

"What happened?" She looked at me with tears in her eyes.

Wait. What did happen?

"I... I don't remember."

My mom looked at me while tears streaked down her cheeks. She looked down at my arms. I followed her gaze to my bandaged arms. I looked back at her and she had began to cry harder.

"I thought you promised me when you wanted to... You'd talk to me."

"What? I unwrapped one of my bandages to reveal new cut marks in my arms. I stared at them, wide-eyed. I didn't remember cutting myself or getting the urge to...

"M-mom, I don't remember doing this!"

"You're telling me you don't remember going in the bathroom and cutting yourself? There was no one else in the bathroom with you! The door was locked, Grey!"

"Mom, I don't reme-"

There was a knock at the door and a nurse came in.

"Hello, Grey. How are you feeling?"


"How come?"

"I don't remember cutting myself..."

The nurse looked at my mom and asked her if she'd come into the hallway with her for a few minutes. My mom kissed me on the forehead and went into the hallway. The nurse shut the door behind them.

I sat in the room alone staring at my cuts. What did I cut with? I had nothing sharp in my bag. A doctor walked in and checked the monitor next to me.

"How are you, Grey?"

"Confused... I don't remember doing any of this. The only thing I remember is washing my face and falling to the ground."

The doctor looked at me.

"There is a possibility you didn't do it."

I looked at him with a confused look.

"There was no razor or knife in the bathroom with you. Also, when the guard was going through the security tapes, he noticed a man walk into the bathroom a little before you went in. Here's the thing. He never came out. The police believe he got out the window after he attacked you."

I just stared at him. I had no clue what to say. The doctor started unplugging the monitor and taking wires off of my body.

"Anyways, you will be free to leave after your mother is finished talking with the police. Make sure to keep your cuts clean and bandaged."


*Bzz Bzz* There was a text message from Noah.

[Hey! Where were you today?]

[Oh, hey. I'm sorry. I had to go to the therapist but after that I wasn't feeling well.]

[Aww, that sucks! Sorry about that.]

[I feel better now. I'll be at school tomorrow.]

[Cool, see you then!]

[You, too. Bye!]


I fell back onto my bed, tossing my phone aside. I stared up at the ceiling. What in the world happened today? Come on, Grey, remember!


"Grey, are you hungry?"


My mom came into my room.

"Oh I'm sorry. You were sleeping."

"That's okay."

My mom looked at me awkwardly.

"Well, um, dinner's ready if you're hungry."


She walked out of my room and back downstairs. Mom was always concerned about me after what Dad did... He'd been gone for close to three years now. My parents were never married. I would travel back and forth between their houses for about my whole life. My dad would tell me how I was the reason he and my mom split up. My mom told me to ignore him as best as I could. I eventually couldn't ignore him, though. I was with him every week. And one day he just... snapped.

I reached in my bag for my medicine and took one of my pills. I stepped outside my room and went into the kitchen.

"Yeah, I can do that... The dog? Well, I can't, but I know someone who will. Yeah, they'll do that. No... It's okay. I'll pay. No, seriously, I will. Yeah, I'm sure... Okay, I'll see you tomorrow! Yeah. Okay.. M-bye."

"Who was that?" I looked at my mother as she put the phone down.

"Aunt Tammy. Her and Uncle Wayde are going on vacation for their ten year anniversary. The lady who usually watches the kids canceled last second so they'll be coming here for the week."

"Chris won't be sleeping in my room again, will he?"

My mom looked at me and saw I truly didn't want my younger cousin sleeping in the same room as me.

"They can all sleep in the living room."

"Thank you."

"Mmhm. You want your dinner?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty hungry."


*Bzz Bzz*

I woke up to a text from Noah.

[Hey! Don't be late for the bus!]

[Haha, yeah, thanks.]

Ever since I was late for the bus one time, he texted me every morning not to forget the bus.


I sat my clothes down in the bathroom and turned the water on in the shower. I unwrapped the bandages on my arms and stepped into the shower, letting the water run down my face and back. I let the water run over my arms. The stinging no longer bothered me. I was quite used to it. I finished my shower and wrapped my arms. I went downstairs and found my mom before heading out the door. She gave me lunch money and played with the curls in my hair, then she kissed me on the cheek and said goodbye.

I waited outside for the bus to arrive. When it arrived. I took my usual seat next to Noah.

Grace Rose Parker

We arrived at school and people started cramming through the doors. I walked in to homeroom with Noah. A few people turned to say hi to us but everything seemed to be the same. I trudged through the first few periods leading up to lunchtime. The bell rang for everyone to go to lunch and people took off immediately towards the cafeteria. I wasn't hungry so I started my way over to Noah. A girl I was walking past dropped some money. So I bent down to pick it up for her. Then all of a sudden another girl bumped into me, spilling her tray of food all over my jacket. I started to panic. I gave her my lunch money so she could get a new lunch and I ran to the nurse's office.

I begged her to let me call my mom but she said no every time.

"Grey, there are only four more periods left in the school day. You'll be fine. Now, take off your jacket and go back to lunch."

I left the nurse's office and went to my locker. I put my jacket in my locker and went to the bathroom. I stayed there until the bell for my next period rang.


I'm so glad I had art next. Not many students took it and the majority who did were girls who never looked at me. I hurried to art class, managing to only draw the attention of around five people, who all looked right at my arms. I slipped into art class right before the bell rang.

"Well, hello, Grey. Have you finished your project yet?" asked my art teacher, Mr.Anders.

"Umm... not yet."

"Well, keep in mind, it's due Monday."


"Okay, every one work on your projects and if you are already done please start on your por-"

I zoned out of his speaking. I really did hate doing these projects every month. We had to draw "our feelings." As anyone could guess he doubled as our school counselor.

"Hey, Grey, do you have an extra pencil by any chance?" asked a girl named Grace.

Grace was strangely a lot like me. Even the little things like how we both preferred mechanical pencils to draw and how we both really liked to write poems and stories.

"Uh, yeah, here you go."

I handed her a pencil out of my bag. She slid her chair over next to mine. She pulled out a piece of paper and wrote something on it.

She then passed me the paper.

[I have a bigger jacket in my locker that you could borrow if you'd like.]

Grace didn't even ask about my arms.

[Are you sure?]

[Yeah it should fit you, too. It's my dad's.]

[Thank you so much!]

[No problem at all :) Just thought you'd be more comfortable.]

We continued to draw until the bell rang. We walked to her locker together and she gave me the jacket.

"Thank you so much!"

"No problem! Hey um... you have a phone, don't you?"

"Yeah. Why?"

She handed me a piece of paper with her phone number on it.

"In case you want someone to talk to..."

She smiled shyly and walked off. I watched her turn the corner to head to her next class. I put the jacket on and breathed in her perfume that had been sitting within the jacket.

Autumn Rain

I got home, still wearing Grace's jacket. I took it off before I entered my house and put it in my bag. I put my jacket in the washer and went to my room. I added Grace's number into my contacts. Hmm.

[Hey, Grace. It's Grey.]

[Hi! What are you up to?]

[Sitting in bed. You?]

[Outside laying in my front yard lol. I got home and realized I left my house key in my room. My parents don't get home until like five. So I'll be here for a while haha.]

[Oh. Dang that sucks.]

I looked outside and saw dark clouds congregating in the sky.

[Hey, it's about to storm.... Do you want to maybe come to my house until your parents get home?]

[Are you sure? Your mom wouldn't mind, would she?]

[Let me ask her if we can pick you up. She won't mind you coming over.]

I went downstairs and saw my two youngest cousins run past me and into the hall. Crap. I forgot they were here. My mom couldn't leave them here by themselves.

"Hey, mom. My friend is locked out of their house. Could she come here until her parents are home?"

"Of course!" My mom turned and started chasing after my cousins who were starting to get into the cabinet.

[Hey, so my mom can't come and get you but I can.]

[Okay 😋]

Grace gave me her address and I started on my way. She lived really close which was great. It only took about eight minutes to get there.



"Oh, hey!" Grace said, sitting up. She stood up and grabbed her book bag. We started heading back to my house. I caught myself staring at her long black hair blowing around in the wind. She seemed to have caught me, too. I quickly looked away.

"Oh. Uhm, my cousins will be at my house and they can get really annoying. So we can go in my room if you want."

She looked at me with curious eyes.

"Okay! So, if you wouldn't mind could I maybe draw you when we get there? I'm trying to get better at drawing faces."


We arrived at my house and walked in.

"Mom, this is Grace."

"Nice to meet you, Grace! You can call me Jen." My mom shook Grace's hand.

"Nice to meet you too, Jen."

My mom smiled at both of us. Grace and I grabbed a bag of pretzels and went upstairs.

We sat down on my bed and Grace pulled out her sketch book.

"Oh, here's your jacket back." I handed Grace her jacket.

"Oh, thanks." She popped a pretzel in her mouth and started to sketch me.

I sat on my bed, looking at her. I'd watch as her bright green eyes would peek up at me from behind her sketch book. I watched as she'd smile every now and then... She made me smile so much.


About an hour and a half had passed when Grace's phone started to ring.

"Hello? Oh, I forgot my house key. I'm at a friend's. Yeah, we made it to their house just in time. No, I got it done. Okay. I'll be home soon. Love you too. Bye." She hung up and looked at me. "My mom is home. I gotta get going."

"Oh, okay.. You want me to walk with you?"

"Yeah! You can meet my mom!"

"Okay, give me a second."

I grabbed my jacket out of the dryer and put it on. Grace said bye to my mom and we walked out of the house. We walked down the water covered sidewalk. Autumn leaves blew down in front of us as we walked. Grace was spinning around in front of me, letting the rain sprinkle onto her face. I took in a deep breath, watching her spin around. She stopped and looked at me with an excited look.

"Do you wanna hang at my house tomorrow?" She grabbed my hands in excitement. I stared into her eyes.

"Yeah. That's be cool!"

"Yay! We'll ask my mom what time when we get to my house!" She started skipping down the sidewalk.


"Hi, Mom! This is Grey!"

"Well hello Grey nice to meet you." She shook my hand.

"Nice to meet you, too."

"Mom, could Grey come over tomorrow?"

"Sure. Does eleven sound okay?"

"Yeah, that's fine with me." I said looking at her. Grace and I then said our good byes and I went home.


"Hello Grey."

"W-who are you?" My heart started to race. His voice was all too familiar.

"Oh Grey! I told you the medicine makes you forget."

I couldn't see anything, nor could I breathe.


"I don't understand. Please let me go. Someone help!"

"Screaming won't do you any good."

"Someone help, please!"

Suddenly, I felt my body be swept off the ground and an immense pain in my side. Then there was a great pressure around my throat.


Burning tears started to roll down my cheeks. The pressure in my throat stopped and I dropped to the floor. The pain in my side was relieved. I started gasping for breath.



I shot up, revealing my dim room. I looked over to my side to see my six-year-old cousin standing next to me.

"Are you okay?" Natelie looked at me with a concerned look on her face.

"Oh... yeah. I just was having a nightmare."

Natelie climbed into the bed with me and handed me one of her stuffed animals she carried with her everywhere.

"You can share Tubbs with me tonight. He gets rid of my nightmares."

She climbed under the blankets and hugged her other stuffed animal tightly.

"Nighty night, Grey."

"Good night, Natelie..."

Before I knew it, I had fallen back asleep.


*Knock knock*

I woke up to a knock at my door. I walked over to the door and opened it.

"Good morning, Grey. There are pancakes downstairs if you want any!" Chris, my cousin, took off down the stairs before I even had the chance to open my mouth. I went back in my room and sat on the bed. I rubbed my eyes and reached for my phone.

[8:26 am]

Two and a half more hours...


"Hey, Grey! Come on in!"

Grace showed me her house and then took me to her room.

"So, how's your day been so far?" She plopped down in her desk chair.

"Okay. Your?" I took a seat on the edge of her bed.

"Pretty weird."

"How come?"

"Well, it started with my dream."

I instantly remembered my dream from last night... She talked about her dream and how weird she felt in the morning.

"How about you? Did you have any dreams?"

"N-not any I could remember... Could I use your bathroom?"

Grace looked at me, worried.

"Yeah. Go ahead."

I walked to her bathroom and shut the door. I took a deep breath and took one of my pills. I washed my face and came back out. I sat back down on her bed.

"Are you okay?... You don't look well." Grace walked over to me at sat beside me. She felt my forehead with hers.

"Woah. You are burning up."

I stood up and looked at her.

"Yeah. I'm fi-...."

I became really dizzy all of a sudden and my head started thumping.


"C-call my mom.." I quickly handed her my phone. I dropped to the floor.

"Jen!! Grey he... please hu-.."

What about your past?


I glanced around the hospital room. I saw my mom sleeping in the chair beside me. I looked at the clock on the wall.

[4:56 am]

Grace... She must be terrified. Why did I even pass out?..

I looked back at my mom. Around her eyes were red and puffy... She was crying.. I quickly checked my arms to see if there was any new cuts remembering the last time I passed out. There were none. I took my mom's hand in mine and fell back asleep...


I slowly opened my eyes and heard two familiar voices. I looked over at them.

"Grey!" Noah exclaimed, being the first to see me.

"Grey!" Grace said right after him, turning around and grabbing my hands. She hugged me.

"Where's my mom?"

"She's in the bathroom. She was so worried about you. But she knew you would wake up when she woke up with her hand in yours." Noah said, looking at me.

"Are you okay?" I asked, looking at Grace's face.

"Why are you asking me? You're the one in the hospital bed!"

I laughed a little, "Heh. Yeah. I feel fine."

Grace sat beside me on the bed.

"Hey, I'll be back." Noah left the room.

Grace looked at me, still holding my hands. I could tell she had something on her mind.

"What is it?"


"I can tell you have something on your mind... Just say it."

She stared at me for a few seconds and then looked down at our hands.

"Me and your mom were talking about you... She told me about your dad a little bit. She told me there was a lot of stuff she didn't know."

"You're wanting me to tell you about my past?"

"You don't have to..."

"What day is it?"


"Tomorrow, after school. Come to my house. I'll tell you then."

Grace smiled at me and hugged me once more.

"Grey!" My mom said as she walked in the room. "How are you feeling?"

"Okay. Just a bit tired."

What about your past?

I was held in the hospital for the rest of the day and some of the next. Mom drove us home. The whole ride was nothing but silence. We walked into the house together. I turned to her.

"When Grace gets off school, we are going to go for a walk.."

My mom looked at me with a sad look.

"... Okay. Please be careful."

"I will... I love you."

My mom started crying. It has been about six years since I said it last.

"I love you so much, Grey."

Mom hugged me and pressed her face into my chest. She laughed a little through her tears.

"You are so tall."

She laughed a little more. I was only fifteen and already six feet tall. My mom sniffled and pulled away from me.

"You should get ready."


*Knock knock*


"Follow me."

"Where are we going?"

"You'll know when we get there."

Grace and I started walking into the woods following an old hiker trail.

"Do you know where we are going?"

"My grandpa used to take me here all the time. His last wish was to sit with me under the tree..."

Grace walked silently next to me.


We walked down the path to a huge oak tree with its leaves spread out over a creek. I grabbed a thick branch and pulled myself up into the tree. I stuck my hand out for Grace. She took my hand and I pulled her up into the tree. We sat in the tree watching the orange and red leaves fall to the ground and into the water of the creek.

"So, I guess I'll just start from the first thing my mind lets me remember..."

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.


"I was dropped off at my dad's house. My mom always told me to wait to knock on the door until she left. I knocked on the door and waited. The door swung open and my already drunk father stood there with a lit cigarette. He pulled me inside and slammed the door. He puffed out a cloud of smoke.

"Go do the dishes, Grey," he said to me, annoyed.

I walked into the kitchen and sat my bag on the table. I started the water and started washing the mountain of dishes with week-old foods on them.

"Grey! Bring us four beers."

I grabbed four beers out the fridge and ran to my dad. He sat on the couch with his arm around a half-naked girl who had seemed to be here for a while. My dad lit another cigarette and snatched a beer out of my hand. I went back in the kitchen and grabbed my bag and took it to my room. By room, I meant a storage closet with a dirty mattress on the floor. My dad started blaring music out of the living room. I walked past him and the girl making out on the couch. I walked out the front door and stayed outside the rest of the day. I was only ten at the time and I was sitting outside until after two.

"GREY, GET IN THIS HOUSE!" my dad screamed at me and dragged me by the hair into the house. He threw me down onto the ground in front of all the people in the house who had came to his party. He flicked ashes on me from his cigarette. I quickly wiped them off, burning my hands. I went to my room, trying to desperately sleep. It didn't happen. I don't remember a lot about being with my dad.

I do remember the one day, though...

I was twelve, my mom pulled up to my dad's house, and saw he was waiting outside. He was smoking a cigarette as usual and just stared at my mom. As soon as I got out she drove off as fast as she could. My dad tried to trip me as I walked in the door. He looked at me angrily and shut the door.

"If it wasn't for you, your mom would still love me. If she would have just listened to me and aborted you, we'd still be together. It's all your fault, Grey!" He threw his bottle of beer at me.

"Dad, chill!" I bent down and picked up the bottle.

He started yelling at me and using every cuss word there was every five seconds.

"Dad! Calm down! You're drunk!"

I walked over to him to help him to the couch. He started yelling even louder at me. He started hitting me, so I backed up.


My dad pulled out his pocket knife and held it up.

"D-dad, listen to me. You are drunk. Don't do this."


He came at me with his knife. I managed to just barely dodge his first blow.

"Dad, please!"


He swung the knife at me again this time slashing my chest slightly. He swung again and again. I managed to get to the phone and call the police. I told them the address quickly as my dad ran at me. I dropped the phone and ran for the door. My dad blocked the door and swung at me. He sliced my upper arm.

"You stupid kid! You are going to ruin my life even more!" He thrusted the knife into my side I dropped to the floor in excruciating pain. My dad kicked me over onto my back and started choking me.


He pushed the knife further into my side. I screamed out in agony. Everything was black after that. I just remember waking up in a hospital after that.


I looked at Grace.

"I-... I'm so so sorry." She looked at me with tears in her eyes. She wrapped her arms around me. We sat there for a while in silence.



"I love you..."


"I love you, too."

We'll know when we get there.

"... Grey. Why did you start cutting?" I looked at her. Nobody ever asked me that question. They always just assumed different things.

"I was the reason my dad died. I called the police and got him killed."

"Grey, you were protecting yourself. How was it your fault?"

"If I didn't call the police, he wouldn't have tried to attack them."

"There was no way you could've known!"

"Yeah. I'm semi-starting to accept that now."

Grace hugged me again and dropped down from the tree.

"Follow me."

"Where are we going?"

"I don't know yet. We'll know when we get there." We started walking down the creek. Grace took my hand and was guiding me. We walked off from the creek and went further into the woods. Grace started pointing out all the animals she could see, from the deer and turkeys to the birds and dragon flies. I have no clue how long we were walking. I never even thought about the time. Just being here with Grace made all my worries go away. Grace got in her bag and pulled out her phone.

"Hey! We should take a picture!" She smiled.


She took the picture of us and showed me. I actually looked happy. Grace put her phone away and grabbed my hand again. We began to walk again.


Grace stopped.

"This is the spot." She sat down on a fallen down tree. We stood under an even bigger oak tree then where we started. All of the leaves were nearly gone. I sat next to Grace. She leaned into me. I wrapped my arm around her.

She pulled her hands inside of her grey hoodie and sat her book bag on the ground. We sat there, listening to the sounds of the crickets and toads. I closed my eyes and listened to the gushing of the wind that blew the leaves around. I took a deep breath, breathing in the smells of the forest. Grace yawned quietly and wrapped her arms around me. I looked down at Grace as she nuzzled into me. She then looked up at me. She slowly started coming closer to my face. We were going to kiss... My stomach started to feel uneasy and my head was filled with thoughts. My heart started thumping and my face grew hot. Our lips then touched together with a pleasant feeling. It happened as fast as it came and we just sat looking into each other's eyes.

Best Friends

A month had passed since my last attack. Grace and I visited our spot as much as we could. Today, we would go after school. Today would be the day I officially asked her out. I stepped onto the bus heading to my seat with Noah.

"Hey, dude."


Noah didn't even look at me.

"You okay?"

"Yeah. I'm fine."

Maybe he was just having a bad day... I sat down and the bus took off.

Just then, I felt a piece of paper hit the back of my head. I turned around to look at the culprit to see Kai Walker looking right at me. I turned back around. What did Kai want with me? The bus stopped to pick up some more people and Kai stood up. He walked over to my seat and told me to get up. I warily stood up, not wanting to cause trouble, today of all days. Kai pushed me. Noah just sat there looking at his phone.

"Give me that jacket, Grey."

"What? No."

"You heard me! I want it!"

The bus driver did nothing to stop Kai.

Kai pushed me down to the ground and started pulling at my jacket. Most of the kids started yelling for us to fight. My jacket tore a little bit as Kai pulled it.

"Stop Kai!"

"Or what? You gonna call the police on me like you did your daddy?" He started laughing.

I laid there in disbelief... Grace... Did she tell someone? Noah looked up at Kai with a confused look. I just say there unable to move people around me were laughing as Kai pulled off my jacket. Everyone's eyes went to my arms.

"Ohh my.. "Kai started laughing.

Everyone in the bus started laughing with him except for Noah and the driver.

"We got ourselves a depressed kid."

The people in the bus started taunting me.

"Depressed kid, depressed kid. Grey is a depressed kid!" They all laughed.

I started shaking.

"Oh no. I think he's gonna cry!" Kai glared at me. "What's wrong, Grey? You gonna cry?"

I swallowed, feeling like I was choking. I got back up and sat back in my chair.


We arrived at school. People were pouring into the hallways on their way to their lockers. I walked past people whispering to each other about my arms. I went to my locker still trying to control my breathing. I heard Kai's group of friends talking to each other.

"Yeah dude! Kai overheard Grace telling Noah about Grey!" They all laughed.

Grace told Noah...

"Yeah, you wanna here something else? He also heard them telling each other I love you!"

"Woah, weren't Grace and Grey a thing? Yeah, they were!"

I didn't believe it... Grace wouldn't do that... I started shaking even more. Kai walked over into his group.

"Oh, believe it, I heard Grace saying to Noah that she actually loves him. She thought she loved Grey at first. But she realized it was out of pity!" They all laughed.

I couldn't... I couldn't do this. I couldn't go through the day knowing this. I ran out of the school. I just kept running and running, until I reached the woods. I ran to Grace and I's spot. I fell down in front of the now bare tree.

The Tree

"WHY!!" I screamed, tears flowing down my face.

*Bzz bzz bzz bzz*

My phone was going off. I looked at the screen.

[incoming call from Mom]

I threw my phone at the tree.

I spent the next hour or so crying. I had clenched my fists so hard I made my hands bleed. After time, I stopped crying. There was nothing but the sound of crickets.

"You are a worthless human being, Grey."

I stared at my hands.

"You never deserve anyone's love!"

I started tearing up again. My tears began to fall onto my hand, mixing with blood.


I started hitting the ground.


...the world would be better off without me...

I looked up at the tree... Grace's and my special tree... I grabbed one of the note books out of my bag and began to write. I began to write the story of my love for Grace Rose Parker.

You deserve better, Grace. You deserve Noah. I accidentally made you pity me, so you felt the need to love me. I wish I had more time to tell you how I actually feel... Today would have been the day I did. But you found where your heart actually belonged... I love you, Grace. You were my life saver. You helped me with my anxiety and depression... I'm sorry I was too far gone to be helped. I want you to be happy. You are my world, Grace... But now I can't have you.

I'm sick of all of this. You were the only thing keeping me here. Every day I was lied to... The hospital told me false things. That there was a man in the bathroom with me the first time I passed out. They told me that so I could cope. So I didn't think I was crazy!

I love you, Grace. With all my soul and heart.

Please do whatever you must to be happy....

I climbed the tree and reached for a strong looking branch. I took my belt off and wrapped it around the branch. I put my neck in the loop and stepped off the edge.

To, Grace Rose Parker.

Love, Grey Nickson.

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Dear Grace
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