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Dear Love {Who Taught Me}


You may think your life had little impact on me. Ah...but that is where you are wrong, my dear. You taught me so much in such a short amount of time! These are just a few things I've learned from/was reminded about by you:

Disclaimer: not necessarily listed in order of importance XD

  1. I need to listen more. Talk less. And when I talk, it needs to be conversation that draws in the other person. Also, when I listen more closely, I tend to remember more. Funny how that works, huh? ;)
  2. Gut instincts are usually correct. If I feel something is off, chances are that I'm not just over-analyzing. I should think and pray about it, ask for advice from a trusted individual, and then ACT on it, not second-guess myself.
  3. This is something I already knew/believed, but it became more important during the course of our relationship: One doesn't have to spoil their significant other with gifts or even food (as nice as that is, haha) in order to show love. While you were great at spoiling me with food (gosh, no wonder these pants won't fit anymore—just kidding!) and not so great at spoiling me with gifts. That's all okay, because ya know what? I'd much rather spend 20 minutes chatting with you about stupid stuff than get a $20 gift card from you. I'd much rather take an hour long walk just sharing our hearts than receive a box of chocolates and a diamond necklace from you (and I LOVE chocolate!). Memories over money or manicures or massages or Macaroni Grill. Even as simple as a touch from you—a kiss on the forehead or hand, letting me lay my head on your chest. Yes, the tangible, physical presence of you is so much more valuable than ANY present you could've ever given me. You gave that gift as best as you could; your time and your heart. Thank you.
  4. One's sense of beauty isn't derived from how much makeup she wears or jewelry. A little makeup helps sometimes, tho. ;)
  5. Also, let the guy initiate compliments. 'Nough said.
  6. Puns aren't the only form of humor. Also 'nough said.
  7. Without your statements about various colors, I probably wouldn't ever have ventured to wear them. Turns out, I look pretty good in said color, so thanks! XD (yeah, I totally took fashion advice from my boyfriend, why not?!)
  8. It's definitely possible to be athletic and competitive without being cocky or arrogant or rude. You were—well, are—a fine example of that. In fact, before you, I hadn't really encountered any guys like that. I was impressed, to say the least. There is NOTHING attractive about cockiness! :P
  9. Guys are capable of having deep and meaningful conversations. It doesn't always have to be about sports or cars or superheroes. Guys feel deeply, even if they pretend not to.
  10. Never leave a situation with love unspilled.
  11. Forgiveness. Why it's important, what it's about. 
  12. Romantic relationships will become more intimate and trustworthy when vulnerability is enacted.
  13. We don't have to go through life using each other. Instead, we can choose to sacrifice our desires by serving others. You are quite a fine example of the servant's heart—you are generous with your time, resources and heart. 
  14. Fear is a big hindrance in an intimate relationship. If you want to grow, don't give into fear. Be brave. 
  15. The most important things in life revolve around faith, family, and friends. 

You've taught me much more, I'm certain. Thank you for that, and for caring. For being vulnerable with me. For investing time, money, and energy into me—and a portion of your heart.

Like I said before: You love well. Never doubt it.

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Dear Love {Who Taught Me}
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