Did This Really Happen?

How did I end up in this awkward situation?

Have you even just sat back and thought to yourself how in the hell did I get myself in this situation? Well that just happened to me. Now let me tell you how it all started. It started off like any other day getting dressed for work and getting my son ready for school. When I realized that it was my boyfriend's sister's birthday, I reminded him as a good girlfriend should. So we called and a normal conversation resumed between them and I continued to get ready for work. Next thing I knew I was asked if I wanted to accompany her to a lounge with her sister, and without hesitating I say, "Sure what time are we leaving?"

Now I know what you're thinking: Girl, you're crazy, what's so awkward about that? Well let me tell you how, by taking a trip to the past. See before my boyfriend and I spent our current five years of happiness with one another, there was an altercation between myself and my boyfriend's sister. I see now this is going to get confusing, so from here on out let's refer to the the birthday girl as Steph, the other sister will be Gia, the cousin will be Felicia (don't worry you'll see where she comes in real soon), and as for me, just call me Missy.

Now there was a time when Felicia and I were associates. One day Felicia was at my house and she introduced me to Gia. Being the person I am, I'm like, okay she's here, she'll be gone soon then I'll go about my business (yeah I'm not really into meeting new people). So a few weeks go by and Felicia comes to me and says ,"Gia doesn't like you. She feels as though you're gonna take me away from her." So I'm in my head like, Are you serious? What reason does this girl have not to like me, she don't know me but oh well, screw her. After awhile I realized that me and Gia attend the same school, so when she would say hi to me, I would roll my eyes and be like, Why are you saying hi to me? I don't like you. Later on I found out that Felicia is a habitual liar and she made up the whole thing.

Again you're thinking, I still don't see how this is awkward, well don't worry I'm getting to it. Now as for Steph, I didn't meet her until I had been with my boyfriend for a year and I was six months pregnant. A lot of people don't know this about me but I tend to not think about the things that come out my mouth and I say how I fell. So on the many occasions that I've seen Steph, I've always put my foot in my mouth. So now not only did I feel as though Steph doesn't like me because of my mouth, but I have no clue what Gia has told her about me, and my boyfriend for that matter. Anytime I am around the two, I ALWAYS have my boyfriend by my side and it makes me feel comfortable. So now here's a day I'm going to be outside, in a different state with Steph, Gia, possibly some of Steph's friends, and no boyfriend to give my comfort. Welcome to my awkward.

Now here's the time for us to head out and I was right, it was myself, Steph, Gia, two of Steph's friends, the awkwardness, and my loneliness. Once I got picked up, it was me, Steph, and Gia. It wasn't so bad at the moment, I'm just feeling the vibe. Then we get one of Steph's friends, head out to get another friend, then we go out to find the fun.

I know you guys are sick of me now so I'm going to just breeze through the night. Yes it was very awkward but not for the reasons why I thought it would be. What made it awkward was the fact that: 

  1. Everyone knew each other and I was just an outsider
  2. There were some small things that occurred (not involving me BTW) that created tension and 
  3. The club was kind of a snoozefest if you don't know how to create fun

The only thing that made me feel lonely (other than the fact that I didn't have my boyfriend) was the fact that every single one of the ladies are smokers and I'm not. So I felt as though they used the smoking to get away from me and I'm not the type to be all in you're face, so I stayed to myself, in the club with my expensive drink, my phone, and my thoughts. 

Here it is now, about three in the morning, everyone is going home and we're just talking until I get out of the car. We talk about various things and I guess since the night is over. We will all go back to things being the way they were. I finally get to lay up with my son and sleep. Now I think I know your most important question... Missy what was the point of this long story? Well readers, I guess I wrote this as a way to vent about my night and also to say always think things through before you agree to them because if not, you just might end up in an awkward and lonely situation just like me.

Xoxo Missy a.k.a MisUnderstood

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Did This Really Happen?
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