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Do Long Distance Relationships Work?

(Yes, they do.)

The photo above is my boyfriend and I on Facetime while my best friend took a photo.

I remember when I first started talking to him, almost all of my friends said this isn’t going to work out, he lives too far and all that. To be more precise, my boyfriend lives in New York and I live in Canada, on the west coast so basically on the other side of the world.

In my opinion, long distance does work if two people are willing to be patient and understand that you are committing yourself to one person no matter where they are in the world; An example for this is by is 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. 

For eight years my mother and my stepdad were in an LDR and only saw each other twice. Honestly, I thought it was weird at first but now that I'm in one, I completely understand why. Once you meet someone and can not stop talking for hours especially about your goals, you just want to be with them no matter the circumstance. I also knew another couple who were LDR and we were close friends they have been living together for a year now but been together for three!  

Now I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year now and in the beginning, it wasn’t always all lovey-dovey. I was the one who had a feeling that I really wanted to be with him but I did not know if he felt the same way, it took him a bit longer to realize but I’m glad he did eventually. I mean I would not blame him as we are pretty young but I always had a feeling I would get in one because I knew a lot of people that were LDR (my city sucks, LOL.) For me, there was a time where we forgot to show each other affection however once we talked about it everything became the same again! 

But here is how my partner and I handle LDR;

  • We buy each other food when we're in a really bad mood. We had a had time finding an app that would be able to let us order food for each other but Ubereats is a LIFESAVER! 
  • FACETIME, we are on it 24/7 except when we're at school or going out then we'll call each other on break. I know some couples aren't always on video call but that has helped my relationship a lot. 
  • Buy your SO small gifts! It is always vice versa for him and I but it is always nice when you check your mailbox and a little present is there for you. 
  • Communication and patience, KEY to LDR.  
  • Show each other off on social media and ignore those haters that say LDR does not work while they are single LOL. 
  • Write a paragraph while they are sleeping and once they read it will make their day. I know it makes me very happy when I wake up to a paragraph on why he loves me. 
  • Make a cute video of you guys' Facetiming with a song you both love. 

Honestly, being in an LDR is basically like any other relationship but the other person is just in a REALLY long vacation. So if you are in an LDR, stay strong, you guys got this but make sure you guys are consistent and honest to each other! If you are debating if you want to get in one or not, talk to the other person so you won't waste your time especially if you know you are tempted easily.  

And remember that patience is an essential to everything in life... I need to work on that also.

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Do Long Distance Relationships Work?
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