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Short Story

His fingers ran through my hair so smoothly and I could feel his heartbeat quickening. The light in his eyes became brighter as he shifted closer to me in his truck. His lips looked soft and I wanted to kiss them. They were calling out to me... begging for me to make the first move, but I refused. His hand began to follow the line of my face and he leaned in. There was no longer space between us. Chest to chest. Hearts racing. His lips brushed against mine and I leaned into them. It was electrifying the way our lips moved against one another's creating new rhythms I didn’t know were possible. Letting go he moved down my neck kissing and breathing his hot breath onto me. Pulling away he looked back at me. His eyes glowed brighter than the sun.

“That was electrifying,” he said breathing heavily.

I could still feel his body hot up against mine. My fingers traced over his body. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted him. My heart and body ached for him. Every piece of him.

“What are you thinking about?” he asks as he pushes my stray hairs behind my ear.

Looking down at the ground I could feel my mouth twitch into a smile. “Just trying to remember how I feel in this moment,” I whisper.

He takes his hand and lifts my chin with it. Smiling back at me he pulls me back into a kiss. It was one of those kisses that’s so passionate that you forget to breathe.

Finally pulling away, he places his hand on my thigh and says “we better get you home soon so I’m allowed to take you out again.” The giggle that escapes my lips scares me. I don’t giggle like that. Not around anyone at least. The drive home is silent until we pull into my driveway. The crunch of my driveway wakes me from my daydream. As he stops the truck he turns to me.

“Did you have a good time?” he asks.

“Yeah, I really did. Are we going to do it again sometime?” I ask and immediately regret it because it sounds desperate. He chuckles slightly.

“Of course we can. I was going to ask you, but you beat me to it,” he responds.

Pushing the handle of the door I don’t want to go. He grabs my arm gently and shakes his head.

“Let me get the door for you,” he says smiling at me.

He gets out on his side and does a little jog to my side of the truck. Opening the door and helping me out I couldn’t help but wonder why I didn’t let this happen sooner. He’s the one that’s always been there for me. The sweet one, the one who waited for me through it all and never treated me differently despite all that happened between us. My feelings for him have been evident for years just like his feelings for me. Then why did I try and hid them... why did I try and stop them? The answer was far too simple. I was scared. Suddenly though I wasn’t anymore. The way he looked down into my eyes like I was the most beautiful thing in his life made my heart melt into a million pieces.

As he was walking me to the door I stopped him.

Swallowing my pride and the fear I look straight into his eyes, “I need to tell you something.”

“Yeah, what is it?” he asks with concern painted over his face.

Taking a deep breath I say, “I’m not scared anymore. I want to be with you, and I just felt like I should tell you that.”

The way he looked at me after that is something I’ll never forget. He smiled at me and pulled me close. We were so close that from a distance we may have been mistaken for one person. The hug seemed to last forever even though I know it was only a few seconds, but after this night I knew. I knew that this was the person I was meant for and I shouldn’t have made him wait so long. I was scared and lost, but now I’m found and more electrified by his eyes, his presence, and everything in between.

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