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When we tell you I miss the old you, I miss the old me, I wish I could turn back time, or I would do anything to make things the way they were, those are all just words. They don’t change anything, they don’t improve anything. We can’t go back to the past, because we are stuck here in the present and with the near future most of us fear to face. We always say to people just let go and it will be better, but when the situation falls upon you and the same statement has been said to you, you can’t do it. Pathetic isn’t it. You tell someone to do something yet you can’t do it yourself. In any situation if it’s better for one person it’s worse for the other. For example if one company wins the deal it’s better for them and worse for the other company. When it’s better for you, it’s always worse for the unnoticed person which takes the hit for you getting the better. Everything you do no matter how hard you think, nothing can ever end with everyone being happy. You see the cold, harsh, truth of this world is that there is no true happiness. When it says fight for the light, it actually means steal someone’s light so yours can be brighter. We still fight though for what little light we can take, because without doing that we wouldn’t be human. We wouldn’t be able to live without this little light that we stole. But you don’t realize what you have stolen from someone until you experience the same thing. It’s human nature that we don’t realize these details until it happens to us. We can so easily point out a spot on someone’s shirt, that we don’t realize that we are covered in filth. This is the truth of our human nature. So in life if you have found at least one reason to smile, one reason to be cry, one reason to be aggravated, and one reason to feel guilty, you are alive. If you claim you have not met every one of those terms you do not know what this world is like, you can’t claim you do, and you can’t claim you will never feel these emotions. Because these are the only things that make us human. Not because we walk on two feet, not because we have smart intelligence , but because we experience these emotions, and we all are sinners. For some of you who you who thinks death is the best resolution for some things you have done, no you do not get to die. You do not get the easy way out of this situation. You own up for these things you did out of selfishness, greed, anger, or even jealousy. This is our punishment. Life. In life you can’t change the things that happens in your life. But you can change what will happen in your life. For me decisions are the hardest part of life. It’s because you are the person who chooses who you hurt, or what will you will miss out on, or what you won’t be able to experience. And when these peoples and things are both you claim to love equally at the end of the day it will choose who and what you love more. It will choose what you love more. It will choose what you desire for more. It will choose who and what you value more. People will get hurt and you will lose things that you love. So in our journey of life many people are meant to be part of it, but not all are meant to stay till the end. We are allowed to grieve and be mad at ourselves and question ourselves. But we must continue on with this life we have. Because maybe just maybe one day there might really be something known as true happiness. One thing us humans know how to do is hope. The thing that for sure always existed and exists is hope. So for now let’s just keep hoping, and hoping at the end of our journey we found resolution in the end.