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that kiss felt like... finally

"You're too young to know what love means, you don't know what it's like to be in love." That's all I was told when I met you at 10 years old. Maybe it was true, maybe I didn't know what love was, maybe I had never been in love before. I know now, ten years later, that it is you, it has always been you. People have flown in and out of my life like the tide against the shores and I have never felt this way about anyone else. Although I was 10 years old, I fell in love with all of you and I have fallen more and more every day since then. 3,652 days have gone past since I fell into your ocean eyes and you are still worth waiting another 3,000 days for. 

We've missed our chance a million times, and maybe it will never come, but I am holding onto our fairytale ending because I know it's what we deserve. I often question if we will ever find our way back to each other. Wishes on shooting stars, waiting for 11:11. Will we ever get a chance or were we never suppose to happen? I just can't believe it to be true. But if that's the case, why does my heart beat for yours? Why did we meet? Why are you still around? You may have been the best thing that's ever happened to me after all these years, you're still my miracle.

The older we have gotten the more I feel your absence sink in like water to a fallen ship. I feel the missing pieces of my heart drown in the sorrows of emptiness. I feel your absence like a lost limb. A supposed constant, something I rely on, but it seems to be missing. It still catches me off guard, makes my heart stutter with shock. I feel your absence when I hear our song tune into the radio, or when I instinctively turn to rest my head on your chest. I work toward someone that isn't there anymore, because it used to be there. It should be there, but it isn't, and I fall, and my heart sinks, and the realization that you're gone, missing, lost from me forever, sets into place. The sensation rips open the already fragile sutures holding me together, and I bleed, and bleed, and bleed. You should be here because our souls are intertwined, but you've been pulled from me, and I always feel the missing.

One night the breeze whispered my dreams to life. You showed up at my door and your presence immediately felt like home. I don't want to sound cliche and say you complete me, because you don't. You are a missing piece that I want to fit back into place. I don't think anyone needs another person to be completed, and I, myself, am perfectly find on my own. But I'm not going to lie, you definitely fill in empty spaces and for that, I am very grateful. 

The moon shined through my window, like a guiding light to your heart. A place I have always wanted to travel into and live in forever. Your laugh warmed my soul and everything was normal. I fell right back into those blue eyes. This is where I want to be for a lifetime. I never want anything to happen, anything to change, and I wish I could hide away from the world with you until forever ends. When the night was coming to an end, you leaned in to me... that kiss. That kiss felt like... finally.

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