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Find Another Pond

Enough is enough.

Dating is supposed to be fun but somehow we’ve turned it into a stressful and frustrating event. Have you noticed a pattern? Are you stuck with the same type of person over and over again expecting something different? Have you given up hope on finding love? Well maybe it is time to fish in another pond. Stop going after the same qualities as the last while expecting a different outcome–that, my friend, is the definition of insanity! Go after a someone who is opposite from what you’re used to. This will give you an opportunity to see what the world has to offer.

You’ll never know unless you try! People will surprise you and you might surprise yourself by experiencing something different, opening yourself up to new ideas, all by exploring another side of you. Hope is not lost in dating, it just takes a little work and effort on your behalf. While looking for something new, don’t bend your boundaries, and do keep your deal breakers. Don’t ever change yourself to fit your partner instead; find a partner that defines you. We should always compliment one another and never overcast each other. In the end, a shadow is a shadow no matter who’s it is. We all know shadows look great on the wall, not hanging over, diminishing others.

Find that person who makes you feel like a million dollars just by looking at you. Find that person who, no matter what, sticks by your side, and once you find that person….You finish it. Stop putting so much stress and pressure on yourself to find the right one, instead go have fun with new people. You’ll never know unless you try. We live in a world of variety, so why are you sticking to the same flavor? Try something new and give yourself a chance to define who you are in the process. People might surprise you!

Thank you,



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Find Another Pond
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