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Forever Love

She walked to his table wearing the most beautiful smile.

Photo by Sorasac on Unsplash

Sitting in the bedside chair at the hospital he watches her sleep he recalls the first time he laid eyes on her. And not long after when he admitted to himself he had fallen in love with her.

He had just returned back in town from a business trip. Hungry and knowing when he got home the last thing he wanted to do was fix himself dinner, he pulled into an all night diner not far from his home. Beth sat him at his usual table and announced he'd have the new server tonight. He didn't mind, the staff here was always friendly.

That was the first time he had seen her. She walked to his table wearing the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. She didn't seem to notice that when she walked towards his table, she moved like a graceful dancer. Her strides were both sexy and purposeful. She had short blond hair that seemed to frame her beauty. He was instantly drawn to her.

When she introduced herself and took his order her voice bubbled over with laughter. The sounds of the diner seemed to disappear when she spoke. He wanted to keep listening to her voice. He had never been so completely captivated by a woman in his life.

That was the first memory he had of her. That first time he saw her had changed his life forever. He found himself going to the diner as often as he could and felt such disappointment when he showed up at the diner and she wasn't there.

The nurse came into her room to check her vitals and see if anything had changed. Nothing had changed, she was still in a coma. It didn't seem fair to him that she lay there in a deep sleep when he was the one driving. They had been driving home after going to a late night movie. The light had turned green and he proceeded through, but another car had not stopped when their light had turned red. One minute they were recalling their favorite parts from the movie and the next the car was hit with such an impact that her head had crashed into the windshield. 

That moment was a whirlwind of sounds, sirens, and bright lights. He himself had suffered only minor abrasions from the wreck, but his dear beloved Jenny was not so fortunate. They were rushed to the hospital in the ambulance. They had cleaned Jenny up, but she had gone into a coma almost immediately. They put her into her own room hooked up to so many tubes and needles that she didn't even seem recognizable. To him she still looked as beautiful as they day he first saw her.

He sat next to her and waited for her to wake up. The days had turned into weeks, but he would not give up on his beloved Jenny. He would leave her bedside to rush home and shower and change. He wanted to look his best when she woke up, he knew in his heart of hearts it was only a matter of time.

It didn't take him long, after admitting to himself he loved her, that he told her of his feelings. He proposed soon after and they were married within a month of meeting. The wedding was beautiful, the church was full of so many flowers, pink roses and gardenias everywhere. He could still smell the scent from the flowers after all this time. Never before had he paid much attention to flowers, but Jenny had taught him to stop his fast paced life and learn to appreciate his surroundings.

Watching Jenny walk down the aisle towards him, he thought he would buckle at the knees and faint. The dress looked like that in the fairy tales, her blond hair was captured up in flowers, and that smile and promise of love and laughter on her face. He had to be the luckiest man alive to have her love him.

He sat by her bedside, holding her hand in his, and began talking to her about their life together. She had blessed him with two healthy babies. She had turned in her apron at the diner to become a stay at home mother. He was happy with this choice and had the income to do so. She had taught their kids how to laugh and love life as much as she herself did. 

The babies had grown into adults and were married with kids of their own. As he sat at her bedside he shared all of these lifetime memories with her. The birth of their first grandchild was his favorite. Jenny had been so excited at the prospect of being a grandma. She had such fond memories of her own grandmothers and bubbled with excitement at being a happy influence in their life. 

He must have fallen asleep. The beeps from her monitors startled him awake. As the nurses came rushing in the room he glanced down at his wife's face, she was looking right at him. He couldn't let go of her hand, afraid if he let go, he would find out it was just a dream. She squeezed his hand and the tears started to fall down his cheeks of their own accord. This was not a dream, his beloved Jenny had awoke from her coma and he had never felt more blessed. This was all the proof he needed to believe that prayers do get answered.

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Forever Love
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