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Friends Are Life

A Personal Opinion

Two Peas in a Pod

Chums, pals, friends, amigos, mates...we’ve all got at least one and sometimes one is all you need to help make your life incredible. I’m lucky in life to have a number of close friends and each one I share certain unique connections with. There's the Lads! Oi oi, about eleven of us and growing, we keep multiplying but to be honest, it’s great! Each of us have our friends who have friends, you get the picture. 

We all just sort of started hanging out and now we’re an unstoppable force on a night out looking to have an stupendous time. We’re always the ones to get everyone in the bar singing along with our tunes and we always make sure everyone is enjoying life. Deep chats about family, work, relationships and life are always on the table, being one another’s brother helping through tough times and seeing through to the good times. 

Sometimes, I don’t know what I’d do with out them, and that’s a scary thought. I have another crew of misfits as well and they are my oldest and closest friends in life. I grew up in a small town in the middle of Scotland with two girls and one boy living on my street. Our back gardens met in the middle with each of us living right next door to each other. The four of us met when we were all two and we’ve never let each other escape one another’s lives. Two boys and two girls—a good ratio. People (all of our parents) always thought we would all end up together but they didn’t realise that even though the four of us love each other we all equally despise each true best friends do! It was never gonna happen but there were definitely awkward moments when growing up as young teens, yah know usual adolescent situations. Now, it’s been twenty two years of friendship and we’ve been through it all the ups, the downs, the rights, the wrongs, the nights out and the nights in and we’re still going strong. We were there when one moved away, we were there when one had been emotionally shattered by an ex-lover, and we were there when one had been diagnosed with a life altering condition. 

They were there for me when I lost two very important people in my life and more (Including the lads). They will always been there for me and I them, this is a fact and a unspoken promise and agreement. I appreciate those who are in my life and I look forward to meeting those friends who I haven’t met yet. Whenever you’re distressed for whatever reason remember friends are happiness, friends are love, friends are life! 

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Friends Are Life
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