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Funny Valentine's Day Cards

Just in case you need a chuckle.

Valentine's Day is getting close, and if you are super single you might want to take a look at some of these to lift the pain. Better yet, if your better half has a good sense of humour, maybe you can even send one of these hilarious cards.

If They Love Memes More than They Love You

I know this is kinda taking a dark topic and making it funny, just remember the woman in that commercial was acting. This card is also really well done, the little hearts really make it. 

You Gotta Love Oysters

There's something about the word 'Moist' that makes so many people feel awkward... but adding the word oyster really just makes this card perfect. The next one is moist related too! 


If you look at the picture of the cake, it might even remind you of something. I'm not even sure why this one works so well, but when I saw this I immediately chuckled.

I Don't Think They Are Talking About the Bike ...

A bike for two is the perfect thing for any couple... just kidding that's only what the weird couples do on their dates. Please don't be that couple.

This one makes me want to go back to the word moist.

I'm not sure why there is a chainsaw ... or why it is covered in green stuff, but I'm pretty sure this is talking about sex. The sex is loud and gross. 

Calling all gamers!

I can't help but feel there is a perfect time and place this card would actually be relevant, what if they met their significant other while playing Dungeons and Dragons?

When he says 'Everyone', does that include the couple?

Something about this is actually kind of romantic, I kinda wish my man would say this to me. 

Just Incase You Like Justin Timberlake

If you don't understand this reference just quickly google or YouTube "Dick in a Box." It's absolutely hilarious and might even be considered romantic ... but not really, it is more funny than romantic. 

You gotta be appreciative ...

This card can be given by a man or a woman, just whatever you do, don't fake any orgasms. Seriously, it's not fair.

For All the Bob's Burgers Fans Out There

This is absolutely hilarious to me, I hope other people find it funny too. It's from the episode when there is a dangerous storm and the kids are told they have to stay in the basement to be safe in case they need to re-populate with other kids in their basements ... and well Tina likes the idea a little too much. It's okay that Tina's so weird tho, we were all awkward teenagers once who flailed when they sleep.

It's Almost Cute

I actually picked this one because it reminds me of that episode in Bob's Burgers when Gail brought all butthole pictures to the restaurant. Your valentine might even like it too. 

This card works even if they hate Trump.

Don't worry, I don't like Trump. I just think this is absolutely hilarious. The worst thing is, I don't think this photo of him is overly photoshopped... he actually makes that face.

It's kinda like an anti-valentine's day card.

If they clearly said they don't like Valentine's Day or that they don't want a Valentine's Day card... this card is actually relevant. Otherwise, this card can just make you happy knowing that not everyone likes Valentine's Day, after all... lots of people are single. You can always celebrate self-love day instead.

Don't use this one unless they have a good sense of humour.

I can see some people getting really offended from this, but then again, why date someone who isn't also your best friend? There should be wiggle room for some humour, right? Also, I love sweet heart candies. 

... "Would you hold it against me"

Just to clarify the front of the card reads "Valentine - If I said you have a sexy bod..." and the page inside reads "would you hold it against me." This one is an e-mail card, so it's not too late to send it someone. This is really more for a non-serious valentine... 

He's a little young for her ...

I'm actually kind of split if this is funny or just weird. Cupid is obviously a baby, he's even in a diaper.

A Realistic Valentine Card

I wonder how many times cupid made this mistake. The good news is that this card is an e-mail card too, so you don't have to wait for shipping. This card isn't directly related to someone you are romantic with, so you can send it to family members for Valentine's Day. It would give them a good chuckle. I'm going to send this one to my grandma. I think she could use the laugh since she is recently single.

Thank you for reading my article on funny Valentine's Day cards, I hope this helps you find the right message for your Valentine or maybe just  relieved some of the sadness if you are painfully single. Either way, who doesn't like a good laugh?

If you had fun reading this article, please feel free to check out my other articles as well. I have lots of articles including photography tips,  bartending tips, drink information, and some more personal blogs too. 

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