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Gender and Sexuality

Love is love.

The other day I was informed by my community, that there was a new curriculum within our school system that teaches about many different genders and sexual preference. I honestly couldn’t believe it, but it’s real. Very real. When I was in school, it was hard enough to focus on Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, let alone studying the new concepts of gender. I’m all for people identifying with a certain group or culture. You can be anything you want to be, but as far as I’m concerned, it shouldn’t be presented to students in a way that they question their preferences or their gender. I have a teenager that comes home from school questioning their ‘identity’ and sexual preference. I find this unfair because in all honesty, it makes absolutely no difference to me. It is a big source of worry for my child though, and that’s troubling.

This may not be the place to post, but I want to share. A few years ago, my nephew chose this day to 'come out.' I was happy for him. It took a ton of courage and strength for a young man to put it out there. For a lot of people, sexuality becomes something that defines them. I'd love for that to stop. I'm happy we live in a society where it is more acceptable to express yourself and I am so proud to be in a home where not one of us is actually concerned about sexuality. To me, love is love is love.

So, I want you to stop coming out. Sound weird? Here it is. I don't care about your sexuality, your gender identity, your age, your skin colour, or anything at all that you have ZERO control over. When you meet your partner, introduce as your partner, when you have a crush, talk about them, if you have questions, ask. To me, if you don't have to 'come out' and tell people you are straight, why should you have to tell anyone you're not? Doesn't make any sense to me. It's called love. Simple. And isn't it just amazing, that we can be in a time and place where we can just LOVE!!!!! People are people are people. Love is love is love. If anyone I know just gets the opportunity to love, I want to hear about THAT! You should never feel like you have to explain yourself to others. I am proud and honoured to know so many that can love without condition, and that have been brave and strong. Now, let's just accept. Love is welcome here. Always.

We have a movement going on that allows everyone to speak and love freely. We are an accepting culture and have learned that not everyone fits a certain mold or classification. I love that about where we are in humanity. Learning about all the differences that make us unique is incredible! I want my children to feel safe in their choices and know there aren’t consequences for being different than what’s considered normal or typical. I’m happy they have information to help them make sense of things they may not otherwise be privy to. Education is key to understanding and acceptance. I don’t want them to feel pressure to have to choose where they should fit in. I want them to genuinely love themselves without condition and embrace any of their difference so they have confidence heading out into the adult world with huge responsibilities. I feel we could probably leave questions about sexuality and gender to a time when they’ve gained confidence and know themselves. And, we could probably just let them be exactly who they were created to be. Just a thought.

Kerri Rae
Kerri Rae

I'm a mom, a step mom, a gramma, a student of life, a lover of animals and a holistic life coach and counselor. I have insights, opinions, and tips to share. Anything from Autism to spirituality, I've got you covered!

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Gender and Sexuality
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