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Good Dates vs. Bad Dates

Knowing When to Run!

We have all been there at some point or another in our lives. My biggest advice to you is to know when your friend should call you to make up an excuse for you to leave the date as fast as you can. There have been times that I can recall where I’ve had needed that escape and always gotten it.

One of the worst ones I can remember was a blind date that led to a conversation about hobbies. His response was, "nothing," so I asked him if he worked. "No" was his response. It was at this point I started to get curious. If he had no hobbies and didn't work, then what did he do to pass the time? Turned out it literally was nothing and he was just recently getting over a drug addiction. It is at this point you should run away! If someone is doing nothing with their life, it is very likely they will continue to do nothing with their life.

You need to find passion in your life to fill the voids and to have something to talk about with others, obviously. You can't exactly hold a conversation if you have nothing to say. Which brings me to drugs. If the guy has nothing to talk about but drugs, sex, and going to parties, you better turn around and walk away. No one needs a guy like this. Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to go to parties and such, but if that is all they are talking about during a date, then they are probably not worth it. Some things that are worth sticking around for can be guys who like to dance in the rain.

A guy who is likely to dance in the rain is also likely to be the type of guy who will hold your hand in public, buy you flowers, and treat you like the queen you are. For the men who are reading this, take note. Even if your man or girl is super independent and can't take a nice gesture, just continue to treat her/him like she/he is your world. Because, deep down inside, everyone loves to feel special by simple acts of kindness and affection. Keep in mind, though, kindness and affection can sometimes lead to being clingy.

If the person you're dating or going on dates with is going too far with their affection, you better put those running shoes on. If they are texting you 24/7, getting mad when you don't respond, or have to be with you for every little thing, then they have crossed that line of affection-ness to downright creepy. I have a friend who once dated a guy who basically moved in with her after only a few dates. I'm not saying this is a red flag, but in this case, it was. He wanted nothing more than to spend every last minute with her. It got to the point where she would have to tell him to go out, but he just wouldn't go without her. Not only did her friends begin to get annoyed with him, but she started to, as well. She lost all of her freedom and space basically overnight. Eventually, she got rid of him, but it took time. If you are not happy with your situation, you better run and run as quickly as you can. Don't waste your time on people who are going to drain the life out of you.

Life is to short after all, so if a bad date is draining the life out of you, or if a bad relationship is, step up and leave, but remember to dive back in once in a while, since not all dates will end badly. You have to take a chance once in a while or you will never find that special someone. Life is a journey and bad and good dates are a part of it, so enjoy them while they last. Because you never know, one day you might be married and never have to experience them again.

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Jean-Paul Tibbo
Jean-Paul Tibbo

Jean-Paul Tibbo is an inspired writer working to reach his goals. As he continues to write about love, life, and sex for he has been spending a great deal of time working on a series of fictional novels. 

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Good Dates vs. Bad Dates
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