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Growth: A Series

Part 1: Graduating High School

My beautiful Mother, Brother and Father. Thank you for everything.

Hello Vocal Media! My name is Jacob Adams and just like every young and vibrant millennial, I'm always looking for what's next. As a recent high school graduate, I have begun to realize that life on my own is actually really terrifying, and I wanted to dialogue everything with the hopes of helping others seek encouragement, or even possibly being an inspiration for someone to take that first step into a deep, dark and somewhat irrational world.

Of course with every walk of life, there are most definitely mistakes to be made along the path that we are creating for ourselves. Whether that path is predetermined or waiting to be set in place, I've decided to let the stars light my way from now until my final days. 

High School

It almost didn't feel real. It truly still doesn't. One thing about myself that terrifies yet amazes me is my perception of time. We remember some of the most time-specific events that nearly don't matter in the grand scheme of things yet I barely remember anything that happened in high school. "The best four years of your life" seemed to be the fastest and most forgettable in my opinion.

Without going into too much detail, I made some friends that I hope I will keep in contact with forever, and some that I lost but have taught me life-lessons that no one can simply teach you. If you are currently in high school and are reading this: please do not get hung up on friendships/relationships ending that may or not have been your fault, take it more so as something the universe is trying to tell you, and may the stars shine your path for a grandiose and brighter future.

Some people that I cherish may take offense to what I said about high school being the most forgettable time in my life but there is no way to put it nicely: I did not necessarily enjoy high school that much. In fact I noticed that most of my friendships created tensions with myself and my immediate family. All those times they didn't let me go out, all those times they didn't let me spend the night at a friend's house, all those times I thought that my parents just hated me, it was all a lie I made up in my head. Those lies and perceptions that I concocted in my mind made me extremely hostile towards my family and even to this day we are still trying to recoup from those burned bridges. So, yeah, high school was forgettable, because in the process, I almost forgot my family entirely. Which is so insanely stupid of one to do because I have grown to learn in just a few months that my family is my everything. My family is the reason I am where I am. I put so much time and effort into the social aspect of high school that I nearly dropped my family whole-heartedly. I also have to thank my experience in high school, because without it, I don't know if my family and I would be a family anymore, and that is the only thing I have taken from my high school endeavors and will run off with forever.

For Them:

Our friendship meant everything to me, but at the time I didn’t understand the idea of true friendship. The time we spent together is something I will remember forever. You know who you are, and the mistakes that I've made. I hurt you. Take this as a promise, that was not who I now see myself as, and I sincerely apologize. I have grown and I continue to grow in a positive direction which I hope someday you will see. Our time together was very short and at your expense which is something I vow never to do again.  I am one hundred percent available to speak on what happened and I am ready to hear what you have to say because my cowardly old self would only run away.

For My Loves:

Our stories are still alive and traveling at an insanely fast pace that I enjoy every single day. Your charisma, boisterousness, uniqueness, and ability to love are some of the many reasons I call you family. Thank you for everything that we have shared together. Much love.

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