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Hard Love

Relationship Feels

Now, I'm sure a huge percent of you have been in relationships, or at least dated at some point in your lives so far. But if you haven't, read this. It may be of help to you if you end up loving someone that doesn't show you nearly as much affection in return.

I've had my fair share of relationships throughout my life. Some were short, but some have been three or more years. Normally, I ended up with someone who had a similar personality, and for the most part, shared lots of the same hobbies as me. And for some reason those relationships never seemed to work out. I thought I was doomed when it came to dating and finding someone that I could stay with and eventually build a life and family with. Then, someone I never expected came into my life.

I met someone who I never thought would be the type of person I would even be friends with. He was shy and quiet. For the record, I am nothing even close to that. I'm loud and out there with no filter, and I'm the most social butterfly I know. But for some reason this person was of interest to me, so as time flew by, this guy became by best-friend. Now, let's skip ahead to me falling harder than I've ever fell for any person in my entire life. I've finally found the perfect guy, and everything seemed so right. It could never be better.

Months later, I started to notice some things about this guy that were incredibly different in a way that I couldn't understand—that I've never had to deal with before in a relationship. He started expressing his feelings less and less, and to be honest, it terrified me. He was spending less time with me, staying at my house less, talking on the phone with me less—just everything was fading. And, here I am, bending-over backwards for this guy with anything I possibly could and it still wasn't going back to the same. So, as you should in any relationship, I decided we should talk about it. With my luck, of course, that did not go as well as planned. Then, I got the answer. I finally got the answer to all my confusion and hurt.

This man loves me more than he can express. He's not one to express feelings like anybody else I have known. It's not something I was used to, and to be honest, I'm still not used to it and I don't think I ever will be. But I love him and I'm learning. He's just different than all the others I've been with. So, to all of you that are either in my situation, or one day might be: as cliche as it sounds, we all need to realize a few things.

  1. Patience: I needed to have patience and figure everything out, instead of jumping to conclusions—like most humans minds do.
  2. Every relationship in your life will be 100 percent different. Please understand that, I'm begging you.
  3. Men aren't all the same, believe it or not. We all like to think they are, I know, but we can't fall on that excuse.
  4. It's okay to be uncomfortable. Things won't always go your way and they won't always go your partner's way either. A relationship is a two-way-street, and you have to work with each other.
  5. Communication! I cant say this enough, communication is number one in every single relationship. Not just dating—every relationship you have. Put communication at the top, or nothing will ever work.

When you meet the person that you know you cant live without, it's not going to be easy. Nothing is ever easy. But I promise you, it'll be worth it. So, just please take my advice. I wish I could tell everyone this, but I cant. Take this, and remember all of this and I promise you—it'll work out.

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Hard Love
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