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Haunted Love in Depressed Life (C-01)

The First Journey

Not everyone relationship's story is successful. Mine is an epic failure. I really mean it "EPIC FAILURE." How can these two words come together? Well, read my article, and in the end, you will also end up with the same conclusion.

So, what is my story? I am considered to be nerdy by most of my friends. Do you think that there is a story for me too? Yes, there was one. You know when you land in a relationship, you will face a battle between love and self-respect. Well, here's the same.

One day, I was really studying hard for my IIT model exam. I saw a tall guy with specs walking so cooly. He grabbed my attention. All the others were reading seriously and I was looking at him. My friend was calling me and I didn't even notice that the guy left. His face got registered in my mind that even in exam his face came to my mind than answers. He had the qualities of how girls dream about a guy.

After that day, I couldn't find that guy and a few months later when I thought I almost lost him. Then suddenly one day, my dad told me about a guy named "Ramakrishna" who topped in the exams and he showed me the newspaper. I was so happy and excited on one side and nervous on the other. I didn't know how to reach him. Now, reaching him would be difficult, and even if do, I will be one of the many people trying to contact him after he became the topper.

It was kind of like a difficult phase in life, and that was (again) the last day I heard about him. The time passed and I completed my 12th grade and joined college. Of course: Worst college in the world (especially when you come from the family of toppers, this thing is really hard to accept). I was in the hostel for two years. I was brokenhearted for giving the worst performance of the year during the 12th grade and I was thinking about Ramakrishna on the other side. My feelings for him affected my grades during my school days and I don't want to get him into my mind again. To avoid thinking about him, I started reading day and night, teaching people and helping others. I started reading books like, Wings of Fire, Technological Review, and other kinds of technical stuff to divert my mind. Thanks to that, my engineering grades were high and my practical knowledge was growing every day. I had the sweetest roommates who played with me and distracted me when I was mentally sick (which I never showed to them). We played Operation Taal, Prank Calls in the Night, and Mini Campfire in the Night. I could literally forget him during all those times—they were the best.

Regarding academics, I tried to focus as much on my performance as possible, but soon the hidden love started haunting me again. Fortunately, this time it didn't affect my grades.

First of all, I wasn't able to find out whether I am inspired by the way he is or selfishly attracted towards him. I couldn't bear it anymore. I started texting him on Facebook, but all it was like was one-sided communication and there was never a reply from the other end. I was heartbroken and I didn't know what to do. I pictured myself as a "nerd" in the college and it was hard for people to believe my story. And seriously, it had been two years after I saw him, so I was like... is it gonna workout? I had no idea, but I believed in myself that I would get a chance to meet that person at some point in time.

Days started going on, four years completed, and there was no change in relationship status, nor the communication from the other side!

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Haunted Love in Depressed Life (C-01)
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