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He Called His Mom and Took My Pulse... #MyWorstDate

Nobody Puts Taylor in the Hallway

Just like pretty much every bad date story, I met Matt* through the dating app, Bumble (Name changed to protect identity). 

I chose Bumble because it felt like a pretty safe choice of dating app—after all it prides itself on being the hip dating app for empowered women (which is me AF). I believed this to be true until I quickly realized most men I spoke to through the app were a little strange and awkward, to say the least.

Then, cue Matt—The U of T medical student training to be a doctor. A decent looking guy who had his own place downtown, and seemed pretty easy to talk to. After exchanging numbers and Snapchating a few times (to make sure it was actually him and not some random 45-year-old catfish) I decided to meet him at his apartment for a glass of wine and a night in. 

After meeting up he seemed decent enough, but I KNEW right away that he hadn't dated in a while. He was pretty awkward and kept asking me about my intentions because, apparently, a lot of women come for him because he's got money, and is going to make even MORE money as a doctor. That alone was pretty off-putting and needless to say I was looking for a way to change the subject. I suggested we open the wine, and for about ten minutes I watched him struggle to open the corked wine I had brought over. Bro—if I can't count on you to uncork a wine bottle we are really going to have a rough time. And I REALLY needed a glass after the skepticism he had for my date intentions. 

After he (finally) opened the bottle, we each grabbed a glass and sat down for the second attempt at half decent conversation. It was going okay until he started speaking medical jargon and randomly pulled out his stethoscope, to which he proceeded to ask if he could listen to my heartbeat. I thought it was so absurd I nearly cried laughing at the request. Being the go with the flow person I am, I took a big ol' sip of my rose and said: "go for it bud."

Now that's already quite a few strikes for me—within the first hour of the first date he had already gloated about money, accused me of wanting his money, and brought out the doctor role play a little too early. But me, trying to be nice, was going to at least stay until the wine was finished. 

My attitude towards trying to be nice quickly shifted when he got a call from his mom. When he realized who was calling he stared me dead in the eyes and said, "Oh my gosh. That's my Mom. Can you go wait in the hallway while I video chat her?" 

Me: "Uh, sure? Like over here?" *Points to hallway of his apartment*

Matt: "No, like OUTSIDE in the hall." *Starts pushing me through the apartment door into the building hallway*

Me: "Oh my god. Um, can I at least put my shoes on?"

Matt: *Throws shoes at me* "Here! I will be just two minutes, promise." 

He shut the door shut in my face. I was so appalled that wanted to leave right then and there. Unfortunately, in the rush to get out of his apartment, I didn't have time to grab my coat and purse so I had to wait until he let me back inside. I can only imagine what kind of WTF face I had on when, after a few minutes, he opened the door and said "Oh my god, you are amazing. Thank you for being such a good sport about this."

I was not. Nobody puts Taylor in the hallway.

Needless to say, the date was over for me. I polished off the bottle of wine, grabbed my things, and left at a speed which could only be compared to Usain Bolt at the 2016 Olympics. 

 TL;DR He accused me of wanting his money, tried to show off his doctor skillz, and pushed me into the hallway of his apartment building to video chat his mom. 

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He Called His Mom and Took My Pulse... #MyWorstDate
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