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Heart's Light and Answered Prayers

A Short Love Letter

When I close my eyes, you are there. I think back to my prayer for my heart's desire. For years, I have prayed for the one that would love me as much as I loved him. He wouldn't just say I love you, he'd show me daily. He would cover me as God intended, supporting my dreams as I support his. As time marched on, I'd wait on my prayer to be realized. I knew God was preparing me for the one; my king. I didn't know how or when it would happen, but knew that it would. Jesus promised he'd take care of me. When I finally let go of the things preventing me from having my dreams realized, my prayers answered, I closed that door and mourned what once was. Then, just as the sun rises on a new day, God opened a door I never knew existed to reveal the light and new love that now fills my heart. Little did I know, you had prayed for me too. It was hard for me to believe you’d pray for someone like me, but I am oh so glad you did. He prepared us through circumstances we didn’t and still don’t understand. Circumstances that have been difficult, scary, and emotionally draining. We made it through every situation feeling weakened at first, only to realize how much stronger we were for the experience. There is a saying, “That which doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.” We are witnesses that can now testify to the truth of that saying. We made it to the other side. 

Now, not only can we share our experiences with others, we share it with each other. You and I have come together to lift each other up. We possess the qualities that bring strength to the other. You bring security and peace to my life. I am finally experiencing the love that I always knew I wanted. It was only later that I realized that more than I wanted this love, I deserved it. You also realized that you deserved true love as well. I am delighted that I have been able to give you the love you deserve and that I also bring you peace. Now that we are together, I am elated. Our story, our love story is so amazing. I love sharing it with others. In time we will have even more to share. In other situations in life, I have often joked that God must have a sense of humor. When you shared your feelings for me and the way you saw me in the past, it was both funny and heartening. I had absolutely no idea the first day you saw me you would remember so much, or that you had a crush on me all through high school. Now here we are together, 30 plus years later. 

God’s timing truly is the best timing. God saw fit to finally bring us together. At this point, we need to be mindful of the blessing that is us. God has a plan for us both, as individuals and as a couple. As time moves forward, more will be revealed. Each day, I promise to be the best person and partner I can be. I know you have made the commitment to do the same. I believe you and I know that you believe me as well. Even though God brought us together, with His help, we must do our part to remain this way. Next year, I want to feel the same excitement I do today. I want to grow more in love and commitment with you. I pray for those things daily and that despite what might be going on around us, we stay true to each other, and most of all, to God. With God on our side, leading us down the path He desires us to go, we will continue to grow together and in Him. I am so thankful we’ve grown and were submissive to Him in making contact, going out on faith and allowing Him to bring us together. So, in this moment, I am thankful for answered prayers. I am also thankful that, when I open my eyes, you are there.

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Heart's Light and Answered Prayers
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