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Heartbreak and Friends

A sad, short memoir.

As I sit in the bushes in that Wal-Mart parking lot I was faced with a decision that would change my life completely. All I could feel was tears running down my face and my chest closing off till I almost passed out. All that was running through my head was what to choose. Do I choose him: my honeybear, my first love or do I choose my family? The people who never really seemed to care about me or the person who seemed to care about me more than anything?

Next thing I knew I had stopped crying and was on the light rail on my way to the Jeffco Government Center Station so that I could walk to Golden High School to see him. As I was walking my mind was running at a thousand miles an hour. I knew when my mom found out I was gone she would call the cops but it was only twelve so I still had a few hours.

Then the loud screaming of someone calling my name brought me out of my head. I looked over and saw my dorky, floppy-haired friend, Ethan and my chubby four-eyed frenemy Harrison and one of their friends who I doubted I could trust. They asked what I was doing in Golden because they knew I lived in Lakewood. I explained that I had left home and was looking for a place to stay until I met up with my friend later that night. Ethan said I could go chill with them at his place until then. We spent the next nine and a half hours watching TV and playing video games together. After that awesome day with them, I knew I had three people I could truly trust.

After that, I left to go meet up with my boyfriend but when I got there he told me that I was stupid and that we were over.

I left and cried till I couldn't possibly manage to breathe. I had cried for hours as I walked around with no care of where I was or where I was going. As I was crying the cops pulled up, arrested me for being a “runaway” and then my parents picked me up from the station. My life was over, all over.

Here I was, I had given up everything for a guy who didn't care about me at all. After three and a half years of trust, of him constantly telling me he loved me and that we’d be together forever, it was all over. He had ripped my heart out of my chest and stomped on it with no care in the world. That day I realized you can't always trust everyone because things aren't always as they seem. The person you trust the most could be the one to hurt you the most but people who you haven't talked to in years and barely know could have your back more than anyone else ever has.

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Heartbreak and Friends
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