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Holding On, Moving Forward

A Fictional Love Story

The stars pierced the sky and burned bright as Henry and Eve lay atop the hood of Henry's car. Henry had driven himself and Eve to the edge of a mountain near their hometown. Their backs were set up against the windshield and their legs reached over the hood of the silver Honda Civic. A blanket covered a majority of their bodies, keeping them warm from the cold August air. 

Henry tilted his head to the left so he could look at Eve. Her auburn hair bounced down from her head and rested on her shoulders. He could see her green eyes shining in the moonlight. Eve tilted her head to look at Henry. He could see her thin lips part and become a smile. He smiled back. They both turned their heads to gaze back up at the stars. 

The only thought that was able to pass through Henry's mind was the fact that he was able to date someone as great as Eve. It was like Eve was a guiding light that came when he needed her the most. 

The 6 months before, Henry's family had been hit hard when his older sister, Addy, passed away. She had been the one to tell Henry how to navigate life without making mistakes, listen to his problems with interest and really be there for him when needed. Henry tumbled into a deep and rough depression after hr death. He felt that he was alone in the world and that nobody would care if he was there or not. His parents had become distant and rarely spoke at home. Their whole household basin ruins. 

At school, Henry became distant from his friends. It got so bad that he would rarely speak with them. Thats when transfer student Eve came into the picture. They met online in a chat room designated for people who have lost loved ones. Eve had lost a younger brother who she had predominantly taken care of while her parents were out late at night. Her tragedy had been years before, but she stuck on the site to help others heal. A spark started between them when the realized they attended the same school. 

They started chatting, then dating a week or so later. Eve taught Henry that this death may hurt now, but it will pass and become a possible memory that could bring happiness because it brought the two of them together. She taught him to not be stuck in the past and that there is only one way to go, and that it was forward. He knew she wasn't trying to push him along, but it felt that way. And it was helping. One step at a time. 

Four months later their relationship had passed from a fling to true love. It may sound silly but it was the truth. They had something that most people may never experience. Sparks flew and fireworks burst when they were together. The world stood still when they kissed. They loved to watch movies and talk but the one true thing that brought them together was laying under the stars to look at their loved ones. Their love was so deep and passionate that their only fight was their last one.

The details are not important, but the end result cause pain for many. Henry had followed a crying Eve out into the middle of a street afterwards. She was balling and he was yelling, so nobody heard the car that was coming their way. It was just past 9:00 and was darker than usual. The car hit with a phenomenal force, knocking the life right out of Eve. Her last words were "I love yo..." 

Henry dove back down into the depression afterward. She was killed on impact muttering a phrase he would never forget. As a month passed he began to remember everything she said to him before they began dating. One step at a time. He slowly healed. 

One night as he began to drift to sleep, a light beamed from the end of his bed. Eve was standing and reaching out her hand. He took it. Soon enough they were on top of the mountain looking at the stars. He closed his eyes and a small tear fell down his cheek. When he opened his eyes and turned to look at Eve while saying "I love yo..." but she was gone. He knew that he would never see her auburn hair again, never fell the love connection when their eyes met and never smile like he did when she smiled. 

While he was removing the blanket he noticed that there was a small slip of paper in her place. It was ripped off a lined sheet and folded in half. When he opened the paper he started to cry tears of joy. Henry dropped the paper on the ground, looked up to the stars and blew a kiss towards the brightest star he could find. He knew she was there. Henry climbed back into his car with the blanket in hand and took off towards home. The note fluttered for a moment in the wind before landing face open in a nearby bush. It read "I love you."

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Holding On, Moving Forward
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