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How I Lost My Best Friend

One of the Worst Ways to Lose Someone

In this story, we'll call my best friend Catherine just to keep this all kind of subtle. So for two years, I was seeing this guy on and off. His sister was my best friend through all of it. She always advised me to stay away from her brother because he kept breaking my heart. I, of course, never listened, but we were still best friends, anyway. At the beginning of our friendship, we weren't too close because one of my other friends—we'll call her Heather—was telling her things behind my back. Those things were not true, but she used them as a way to keep us from ever being close. We obviously didn't hate each other, but we never really hung out or knew much about each other until one day, Heather basically molested her. They were sitting on the couch and I was on the floor playing video games with my boyfriend's little sister. In the middle of the match, Catherine stands up and says, "Sam, can you come with me really quick?" I look up confused because we never went anywhere together alone or talked one on one, but I stood up anyways and replied, "Sure?" 

As we were walking into her room, Heather stood up and said, "I'll come too." 

Catherine immediately turns around and says worriedly, "Um, no, I just need Sam to try something on real quick." 

So Heather sat back down and we walked into Catherine's room. She closed the door and whispered to me what happened. I was shocked that one, she was talking to me, and two, that Heather had done something so weird and inconsiderate. I advised her to stay away and she could sit by me on the other side of Heather. She agreed and said that soon she would come up with a reason they had to take "us" home. So after that day, Heather was no longer in the picture and I cleared up all the lies she spread about me. Catherine and I became closer and eventually did everything together, with or without my boyfriend. I went to see them every day after I finished with whatever I was doing that day. We were the picture perfect type of best friends; the stereotypical ones. Then the worst thing that could have happened did. My depression that I had been suppressing since we became friends became uncontrollable, and I did something that nobody should try to do. *note I am receiving treatment* 

I took about a handful of pills one night, hoping to not wake up the next day. Then, when it fully hit me that I would be hurting my family and her by doing this, I immediately picked up the phone and called her, begging for her to come help me. She told me she couldn't really get out of the house after I explained the situation to her. She said I should just go to bed and text her in the morning and everything would be alright. So I listened, and the next day I couldn't get out of bed and I was throwing up whatever was in my stomach, and sometimes nothing. I texted her good morning and she replied by telling me she was taking a step back from everyone for a while that it wasn't just me and I didn't do anything wrong. Well, the next day, when I was done with being sick, I went to see my boyfriend and his little sister, who adored me. When I got there, I saw her hanging out with her other friends, laughing and having a good time. She didn't look at me or say anything to me. And from then on, she refused to text me back or talk to me in person. She deleted our pictures and she removed me from her life. I was thrown into an even deeper pit of confusion and depression, but at the time I had my boyfriend telling me to just give her some time. To this day, I still don't know why she left when I asked for help. I don't think I'll ever know. I do know that life gets better, and to anyone going through pain like I did—just hang on. 

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How I Lost My Best Friend
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