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How Many Genders Are There?

A Logical Discussion

In recent years a new fad has come about involving the switching of genders. This requires no surgical procedure, nor any basic biological knowledge, just the desire to be labelled as different. 

If we reverse time and go back to a more simple part of history where men provided for their families and women cared for them, then the idea of a select few desiring to swap their gender seems plausible. Of course there will be anomalies, it is perfectly justified to be female and want to be more masculine and vice versa. 

However, today the illogical nature of switching gender in a society where men and women are deemed as equal is a flawed concept.

Now things are different. Women have the same opportunities as men. A woman can join the army or uniformed services, she can play sports, and have her husband stay at home whilst she's busy with her full time job. 

So what's the need to switch genders?

If men are women are equal then what are you hoping to obtain through "identifying" as the opposite sex? If what you mean is that you want to play football and partake in other masculine hobbies despite the vagina you may have then you're a tomboy, and that's fine.

Or if you're a man and you want to get a glamourous make over and go out in heels and a dress then go ahead, you're a transvestite. 

You don't have to identify as the opposite sex to participate in past times that are demographed towards that gender. You can just be different, and that's ok.

Surely cementing the idea that you have to switch your gender to be applicable to enjoy everything that gender typically does is just reinforcing stereotypes and segregating genders further? If you truly believe men and women are equal, then why are you trying to group each gender with things that are associated with them and then exclusify those things to that gender? Surely the opposite would be more suited to your agenda? Why can't a boy just wear a dress? Why does he have to ignore basic biology and "identify" as female to do so? Clothes and hobbies are artificial human constructs, they have no baring over your reproductive organs. Stop acting as if they do. 

In conclusion I believe there are two genders: male and female. Your gender is determined by the sexual organ you are born with, your chromosomal structure and nothing else. Liking dresses doesn't make you a woman and just because you like masculine activities doesn't mean you're a male, you still have a vagina.  

All this is of course ignoring intersex people and those whose chromosomal structures don't match their genitals. Frankly, identifying as anything other than what you have between your legs trivialises the struggles these people have to deal with on a daily basis. It takes years for these people to come to terms with who they are and you're just going to put yourself in their position with no real reason other than to be different, or to wear the trend of transgenderism on your sleeve and ignore the real mental health issues people that are actually stuck between genders have? 

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How Many Genders Are There?
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