How Men Really Feel About Pre-marital Sex

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The year is 2017. The century is the 21st. In the last decade, we've discovered our spouses on Tinder, coined the term "Netflix and Chill," and watched a family of Armenian women rise to the top solely based off of scandals. It's an interesting time to be alive to say the least. A whole new era. I'm sure our grandparents never thought they'd see the day a cell phone—that is purely touch screen—can play music, make calls, and even count how many steps you've taken in a day. I'm sure they also never thought they'd see the day that Dracula died due to a virginal drought. It's interesting when you think about it, there are very few women, let alone people overall, who are saving themselves for marriage. According to an Instagram poll I conducted that posed the question "Are you saving/did you save sex for marriage?" 96 percent of individuals (all under 30 years old) responded "no" and only 4 percent answered "yes." But at one point, women were considered prostitutes if their cherries weren't in tact until their wedding night—this is seen in older literary works such as Shakespeare's play Much Ado About Nothing when one of the characters, Hero, is thought to be having an affair with a man. Her "sexual looseness" is referred to as prostitution. I'm not sure how this sexual revolution began or when the double-standard men had on women was (thankfully) kiboshed, but it got me to thinking, how do men really feel about pre-marital sex? Would they rather marry a virgin or do they love the idea of an experienced women on their wedding night? 

I took it upon myself to reach out to a few men and find out. These men are all Millennials, ages ranging from 20–30. 

Their answers varied, but by the end, I noticed an overall pattern with their responses. I won't be sharing any names, but will simply nickname those who participated in my research. 

When first asked, "How do you feel about marrying a women who is NOT a virgin?", I received the following responses.

The All-American (20 y/o): "Usually you don't need to know if they are a virgin or not because it's very linear with their character—but I don't judge someone if they've made a few mistakes, but I also don't want to be with someone on a sex rampage."

The Womanizer (23 y/o):  "I'd be freaked out, it's a lot of pressure when they're a virgin."

The Workout Buff (30 y/o): "I don't care."

The Single Guy (24 y/o): "I don't care really, I don't feel like a woman should be looked upon differently either way." 

The Personal Trainer (20 y/o): "It's equal rights. I don't mind if they've slept with other people as long as it isn't a lot."

The Midwestern Musician (21 y/o): "I think it's hard to expect that anymore but I'd prefer that they are a virgin."

The Engineer (23 y/o): "I don't have a preference as long as she hasn't slept with, like, 300 guys, but I'd just like to have a girlfriend."

The Actor (25 y/o): "I'd rather my wife not be a virgin because physical connection is so important to me plus experience is a bonus."

The Athlete (26 y/o): "In today's society it is rare to find a virgin, so I don't mind, especially because I'm not a virgin." 

I carried on to ask a few of them how they felt about the saying, "You can't buy a car without taking it for a test drive" and they said —

The All-American: "Well, if you're buying a used car, you need to know the car facts report, not a test drive..." 

The Womanizer: "I prefer to take the car for the test drive."

The Personal Trainer: "You have to earn the test drive."

The Engineer: "Well, as it's actually pertaining to cars, yes I think that you should probably test it out." 

I know that there were varying answers and that every guy is different, but I believe overall it's safe to say that men of the Millennial generation do not mind if a women is not a virgin, in fact most prefer it, but they also do not want to be with a woman who has slept with whole state of California. In the end, women should do what makes them happy and find a guy who accepts them for this. 

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How Men Really Feel About Pre-marital Sex