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How Much Is Too Much in a Relationship?

Covers Things Like Spending Time and Money Together

When starting a relationship there can be many questions a girl asks herself. One of the many questions is: how much is too much? Now this question can go for many things, like how much time together is too much time together, or even how much should I spend on him for gifts? First off, I am going to go off of experience. When spending time together in a new relationship it all depends on how fast you're moving and how much you love to be around each other. 

Personally, I love to spend as much time with my other as I can. There is a downfall to spending too much time together too fast; you could easily see a quick decline in how strongly you feel about this person. I noticed that when I spent too much time around my other—as the months went on I became bored. The reason I became bored was because you're used to seeing the person all the time and you start to lose the spark you have when you originally see the person after a long period of time. My tip would be to try and be careful with how much time you spend around each other during the first couple of months; there's nothing wrong with taking a relationship slow.

Another problem I have run into is spending money. Now, I know not all girls are like this, but I am the type of girl who likes to spoil her man. I have bought things for my exes that have done a great deal on my bank account. I have bought things for them like mattresses and even concert tickets. I do believe that this was a big mistake on my part; I think it was too early in the relationship to be buying these things for someone I don't know if I have a future with. My tip would be that girls, if you want to buy something for your man, start small. Buy him dinner or something small; don't feel like you need to buy such big things right off the bat. A guy will love you if you buy him an ice cream, because you are showing him that you care and that it's an equal relationship. 

Part of me is old school and believes the guy should pay for everything, but I also think female empowerment is huge right now. I think girls should also be able to support their man. I would love a relationship that is completely equal. I personally feel bad when a guy pays for everything, because then he's losing money because of me when I have my own money to buy my own things. I don't believe a man should have to go broke for a female. When in a relationship, I think we should just have fun, take it slow and be that couple that is spontaneous. 

If you like/love someone, you should take the time to know the person, which means taking it slow. Know your other's favorite color or favorite animal; it can be that simple to show them how much you care. Rushing into a relationship can cause many problems, like losing the spark for each other. Rushing this process can cause one or both of you to feel as if you're not as interested as the first time you met. Keeping or regaining this spark could be as simple as going on a date every weekend. Doing this will ensure time for the two of you to enjoy and do something you love as a couple. As my conclusion, love each other and grow slowly. Also, always make time for each other.

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How Much Is Too Much in a Relationship?
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