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How To Not Hate Your Husband After Kids

Janice Dunn offers insight into how women can avoid hating their husbands when the kids are all grown.

According to multiple studies, having a child is the third most traumatic and life-changing event that a young person can experience. It's filled with more chaos and turmoil than being locked up, getting seriously ill, or even losing your job. 

When you factor in problems like a traumatic childbirth, the baby being unplanned for, buttinski neighbors, or hormonal disruptions, it's really not surprising that many women often wonder if being a mom is really all it's cracked up to be.

The truth is that many women end up feeling a wide range of emotions once they give birth. Making matters worse is the fact that childcare responsibilities often end up falling almost entirely on the shoulders of the mother. 

Many feel like they are footing all the emotional labor in their marriage, and some even feel like their husbands have turned into dead weight. You may have already felt that resentment and work disparity in your marriage. 

And, if you're like author Janice Dunn, there's a certain point where you may even have realized that you're at your breaking point. 

Janice Dunn's Advice

Anyone who has ever dealt with uneven responsibilities in a relationship knows how grating it can be. Unfortunately, in society, most moms are terrified to admit that they feel overworked, under appreciated, and unable to cope with the new parenting ways on their own.

Most of the time, new moms are too scared to let others down and may even feel like they're the only ones who are in over their heads with all the new responsibilities they face. 

Unlike most other guides to motherhood, which either ignore the marital problems that having kids can cause or deny that there's even a problem at all, Dunn's book busts open Pandora's Box and candidly discusses what life is like once you become a parent. 

In her own brutally honest, occasionally hilarious retelling of her own first years as a mom, Janice Dunn validates many a new mother's feelings and offers the verbal hug that so many need during those hard times. 

While recanting the insanity that is adjusting to new motherhood and giving advice that ended up saving her own marriage from the brink of divorce, Dunn gives us all a heaping helping of common sense and laughter while delivering advice that works—even if you don't have kids yet. 

Janice Dunn's strength isn't only in the relatable way that she talks about life as a mom. It's the fact that she gives advice on every little aspect of a marriage that could have suffered from the sweeping lifestyle changes that having kids can cause. Everything from chores to date night is covered in detail—and there's a solution for every problem.

If you're looking for a useful roadmap to recovering from the hardest times in your marriage as a new mom, How To Not Hate Your Husband After Kids is the book you need to read. With some hope, some work, and some solid advice from Dunn's bestselling book, you and your partner can still feel like a dynamic duo even after the brattiest of toddler tantrums. 

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How To Not Hate Your Husband After Kids
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