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How to Spoil Yourself for Valentine's

Girl Guide: To ROCK Being Single on Valentine's

Spoiling Yourself for Valentine's

Valentine’s Day is no longer just for the couples and the besties—it's for yourself too. Even if you are with someone, make sure you spoil yourself. Last year when I was single, I loved taking the time to just treat myself like royalty. A little date with the one person that loves and know you the best, you. So here are four simple ways to spoil yourself for Valentine’s day.

First things first... get gorgeous!

Just like any other date, you wanna dress appropriately. Planning on going out of the house? Then cool. Pick out something extra sexy. Prepare to slay. Let the world know you are happy to be with you. Wear your favorite dress with the perfect looks. Take a picture and enjoy the memory and the beauty captured.

If you are not planning on leaving the house, lay out your most comfortable outfit. Nightgown, lingerie, or even sweats, whatever you prefer on your night in. For me that was an extra long, oversized tee shirt and a pair of slipper socks. Make up your bed with fresh clean sheets and extra pillows—yeah I know your bed isn't an outfit but you will be wearing your sheets tonight.

Relax before the festivities.

To relax, run a hot bath, sprinkle in some bath salts, bubbles, or a bath bomb, and rub on a face mask. After applying your face mask, meditate for 20 minutes and completely relax. Maybe even take a mini nap. Making a cold homemade face scrub will be a quick fun DIY to do ahead of time. With a few ingredients you already have in your home, you can rejuvenate your skin while relaxing.

2 Quick DIY Face Masks:

  • Avocado Mask: 1 mashed avocado and ½ tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Banana Mask:1 Mashed banana, a tablespoon of greek yogurt and a tablespoon of olive oil.

If you don't wanna sit in a bath you can soak your feet and do a mask before taking a hot shower. After drying off, sit on the side of your bed, lotion down, doll up, get dressed, and head towards the food.

Food for the Heart

You can go to your favorite restaurant, cook your favorite meal, or call your favorite pizza or Chinese place. Adding a tasty dessert and your favorite drink to go with your meal is everything. There are so many cool recipes you can try if you wanted to make yourself something fancy and delicious. If not, go try a restaurant you've always wanted to try. If it is a more upscale restaurant, be sure to make your reservations before Valentine's. There are so many options. Win your heart. Just eat.

For me, I stayed home. Thing is, I didnt wanna spend time cooking. Yes, it would have been cheaper but I didn't wanna stress about who was gonna wash the dishes afterwards. So I ordered my favorite takeout, Chinese, and while I waited for it to arrive, I baked some brownies for dessert and made a nice pitcher of my favorite drink. Like I said… just eat.

Pick a movie or a book.

For the main event, hop in your bed or pull up to the theater. A movie will be perfect either way to take yourself out of this world and to another for an hour or two. There are so many cute Valentine movies that come out around this time. With that being said, go see a action flick. You can stop by a club and hit the dance floor. I promise you don't need no one's help. If you do, grab another chick who is also enjoying her night alone and share the dance floor with her. Or turn the music up and dance around your room like you are practicing your dance moves for the club.

Have your own fun. Read that book that's been on your “to read” list while sitting in the corner of the couch with a blanket and your favorite artist playing in the background. If that's something you would love to do on your personal little date, then do it. You're not lame to yourself, if that's what you're thinking. After all that fun, go and cuddle in bed with your pillows and a teddy bear. Yes, I'm 22 and still have teddy bears..

Have a perfect Valentine’s with the most important and beautiful person you know: yourself. Not only should you go on a date with yourself for Valentine’s but make this a thing. Do it once a month or once every other month. Teach yourself to be happy alone. Love everything about yourself. Look forward to your “selfcations.” I love spending time with myself. It reminds me how great I am. The level of confidence and strength you get from self care if amazing. Follow your heart and do what makes you happy. Love you.

Happy Valentine's Day 

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How to Spoil Yourself for Valentine's
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