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How to Stand Up to Bullies

Don't be a coward; I can't stand 'em.

I grew up with non-stop aggression in my life from home and school, since I went to a private Catholic school that allowed enormous bullying to happen. I can’t stand cowards who can’t cope with bullies, since certainly I can. I was not removed from a hostile environment despite how much I asked to be sent to public school. I also survived a private high school with more bullies there since my freshman year. I was told how to properly kill myself by students who wanted to bully me out of school. I eventually learned how not to be aggressive because of my medication. They were endlessly creative about how I was to be suicidal. When I read about bullycides now, I have to wonder at why the bullies succeeded in getting their victims to kill themselves.

Often a bully’s M.O. is based on a lie. They want to convince the victim of their weakness. I can’t stand bullies because they are cowards. They seek to destroy another person with things that are not at all true about them. Cowards are people who bring you down, and who refuse empowerment. When somebody takes abuse, they are being the worst coward! When they go back for the same treatment, expecting different results, that is a definition of insanity. It takes courage to break away and demand somebody treat you well. If you can’t deal with that, you are being a total coward. Telling somebody off is quite necessary. Sometimes, in the 21st century, being rude to set a boundary is necessary. Bullies expect you to cower, but if you show enough bluster, they back off.

Bullies are all cowards who you will find admire something about the victim. They really do not know how to be nice to people as part of their aggression complex, which is really a social problem. Non-stop bullying means you have to remove yourself from the environment if you can, although I wasn’t able to as a child. This is why I want to become a lawyer and a clinical psychologist who can help remove children from toxic families, environments, and any situation where they are forced to tolerate abuse. I can’t do anything about my childhood, but I can do something for someone else going through the same thing. My childhood was rough enough, and terrifying enough with having untreated schizophrenia.

I was not allowed medication until I was 20. They kept my schizophrenia secret from even me. I wasn’t allowed to see proper shrinks, either. I’m no coward about taking medication; I have been doing this consistently since 2001. I have also used the insulin pump since 2000. That means 18 years since 2000, this week. Bullies can’t be nice people. They want to be mean to you. They don’t stop being mean to you. To stop them, you really have to walk away. They are imminently the most terrified about you standing up for yourself. They are the ones afraid of you, and if you lose your fear of them, they back down. To fight back a bully, you do what you want. You do not let their criticism destroy your personality, which is actually their goal. In elementary school, they demand you change yourself to suit them to see if you are weak enough to cave into their demands. If you do not, you win. Bullies aren’t known for backing down, ever, at that age. Asserting your personality with them teaches the victim strength. Bullies all want to bring you down. The best thing to do is not to pay attention to it. Bullies want to demean you and diminish you. Don’t let them. Be yourself. I can’t stand cowards who can’t stand up to a bully. Bullies learn through many people not taking their entire M.O. Some do not change no matter what you do, though. I’ve had a teacher who was like this. I gave him plenty of hell and made sure I stood up to him for other students. I can’t deal with cowards who do not take my advice on how to stand up for yourself. 

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How to Stand Up to Bullies
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