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How to Stop Being Bullied

4 Ways That the Bullies Can Never Win

No one wishes to be bullied within their life. But unfortunately it happens and it's not fair. The real reason why bullies shame others is because they have something insecure about themselves that they're not proud of, so they take it out on others to feel better about themselves. I was bullied throughout most of my school years, but it wasn't until my final two years of school when it got really bad. I was bullied because people thought I looked ugly so they made jokes about my appearance and starting body shaming me in the changing room because my face did not match my body type, and throughout that time I told no one besides my closest friends. My friends would listen to what I had to say, but they were no good at making me feel better. All the advice that they would give me was to just ignore the bullies. But it was hard to ignore. This happened to me everyday by a large group people that I couldn't just ignore. They were in the same classes as me and they would always sit next to me in assemblies so they could just laugh at me. I was beginning to really hate myself and come home everyday and just lock myself in my room and cry. The worst part is I didn't even want to tell anyone because the exam period was coming up, so I didn't want teachers or one the staff members to know about this because I just wanted to focus on passing my exams. But now I am starting to regret it. One of my main bullies still go to my school, but I don't really see much anymore. If I come across her she stills acts same way towards me by laughing at my face deliberately so she can get into my head. Well, that all stopped three months ago once I learnt how to control her actions with just a few changes to my mind set. So here are ways to stop being bullied by others.

1. Love Yourself

I cannot tell you how much more you need to appreciate your self worth. The first step to combat bullying is to just take the time to love yourself and feel confident within. Don't ever think of changes that could be made to yourself because that's just going to bring out the negative in you. Be grateful of what the universe has created for you and appreciate everything you have in your life right now. Whether your being bullied at school, the workplace or even online just make sure that your love comes first before anything else so nothing that is said to you can change your love within.

Loving myself took some time for me as people made horrible comments such as "I wonder what her parents look like, I bet they're as ugly as her" or "I wonder what she would look like if she took off her hair extension." I even notice that people would film me for their snap chat when I was in the classroom and I would get so paranoid about it that I would ask any of my friends to see if anyone would post videos of me on their story. This really bought down my self esteem and for the past year I had this hate within me about my overall appearance. Then, a couple of weeks later, my mum gave me a long lecture about how I'm the most prettiest girl she has ever come across and that no one will look like me because I stand out from the crowd. Even though I never told her that I was being bullied, this really taught me to see the good within and demonstrated that I don't fit in with the crowd and I stand out among everybody else because I'm different, underestimated and unique.

2. Block Bullies on Social Media

Unfortunately, suicide rates have never been as high before, and one of the main reasons why people commit suicide is due to cyber-bullying. Bullying within schools and the workplace should never lead to more serious situations such as depression and suicide but this tends to be the case a lot more often. The simple way to prevent cyber bullying is just blocking people online. Honestly there is no need for more attention to be drawn to you by letting others dictate you online especially through social media. As there are many negative towards social platforms the whole reason why they were invented is to bring people together. It's such a shame that the main purpose of social media is being mislead to horrify and harass people.

When I was being bullied I notice that a friend of my bully started to follow me, but then she began to show pictures from my Instagram to the bully. The situation became worse so I just simply blocked her. The funny thing is she used to be my friend, but then she started to get really close with the person that making fun of me. After a while there was huge transformation in the way she was treating me. She started doing the exact the same thing by laughing at me and calling me rude names. After that situation I switched my Instagram to private, and I never heard another comment being made about my Instagram pictures. Honestly just blocking people and switching your account to private is the most easiest way to prevent serious events occurring  and if some how that does not work just delete your social media accounts and stop using them. Being a victim of bullying on social media is just not worth the attention being drawn to you.

3. Do Not Change Your Personality to Suit Others

I am normally a confident, outspoken person and never shy to say anything, even though I have a slight stutter. However, when people started to dislike me just because one person started to tell everyone that I'm this ugly person, my confidence started to go down. I was really quite in the classroom, teachers didn't even know I was in the classroom because I was so silent. I was scared that if I answered a question people would just start laughing underneath their breath and start making comments (which exactly what happened). I didn't have place in the classroom anymore. Even the nicest people would just look at me see me as a funny person to laugh at. There were times where I used to joke around with one of my friends and people disliked the fact that I was being happy so they would just mimic my laugh as a sign of saying "shut up." I let this behavior happen to me throughout the entire school year and believe or not this still happens today but I don't let it effect me as much anymore.

The truth is once people see you with confidence they find ways to suck it out of you simply because they don't have it, they don't want you to feel superior because your different or their just copying what their friends are doing to you. I had to go through tears and misery to understand this, but now that I learnt to keep on speaking loud and smiling like I'm suppose to do because as I have the right to be happy whenever I want to. The teenage years are the golden years before becoming an adult. It's a shame that so many these golden years have been snatched away from me because of selfish, childish people misleading me into who I am. The best part is they think their popularity determines who are they are but really they haven't got anything to make them stand out because their just like everybody else expect more moronic. The main point is do not let them control your mentality and they will be defeated by you.

4. Tell

I did not tell anyone that I was being bullied, but I wish I could go back in time and told at least one teacher. One of the reasons why I didn't tell anyone was because I was afraid of what the bullies where going to do me if I told anyone. They would probably call me a snitch or deny the fact they were laughing at me because I had no clear evidence of them shaming me. Also it was me against at least 15 of them. But now that I think about it all of the bullying that has happened to me would have been prevented if I just simply spoke to teacher for five minutes. It would have been hard back then, but it would be a lot easier now if teacher confronted them on what they were doing to me. However, within this present day I am speaking up a lot more about my experience of being bullied especially with my main teacher. Now that'd I've spoken about it to her she will keep a watch on my bully see if she intimidates me and anybody else in the upcoming school year. If I knew I would feel this confident on telling someone about bullying I would have told someone a long time ago. I feel as if I have one less problem on my shoulders.

If you have been victim of bullying or know someone that is being bullied please tell someone or call that National Help-Line service for bullying. Even if the bullying has stopped you could still talk about it to someone so that person does not bully other people. Bullies should be punished on what their doing doing to our well being, they need to feel pain that we were going through. We shouldn't have to be afraid or be intimidated by someone by the way we look and act. Bullies give us titles that take away our self ownership when we should be creating our own titles to let others know who we our and what we represent. Just learn how to take ownership of the situation and always communicate with someone.

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How to Stop Being Bullied
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