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How to Truly Get over a Breakup

Do you miss the person or do you just miss being in a relationship?

If you’re having trouble getting over a breakup it can really hit you not just mentally/emotionally, but also physically. Love is like a drug, and when you’re going cold turkey you can get withdrawal symptoms. After my breakup, I couldn’t eat or sleep for two weeks, and even when I tried my body would reject it. It’s different for everybody, but it’s not safe to continue living like that. 

Talk About Your Feelings

If you’re ever feeling suicidal, it’s best to call the suicide hotline, even if you just need someone to talk to. It’s hard to get through things alone, and sometimes it’s hard for people to talk to their friends or loved ones. If you talk it out, it helps for you to process the trauma, in that you’re at least able to speak about it rather than ignore it or avoid it. 


There’s also a lot of videos on YouTube about breakups, I recommend PlayList Global. It’s a Korean drama channel that has a lot of series, a lot of them pertain to relationships and even breakups. It’s very relatable and watching them can help distract you. 

No Contact

In order to really get over the breakup, an obvious step is to initiate no contact. You’re not allowed to call, text, email, or even meet your ex. If they contact you, you’re also not allowed to respond. If you see them in public, it’s fine to acknowledge them, but if you’re still emotionally unstable it’s best to just walk away. No contact helps you to put your feelings and thoughts together as to if you really love/miss your ex, or you just miss being in a relationship. There are better people out there, whether you believe it or not, and a lot of them will treat you better and make you happier than your ex did. Your relationship ending is not the end of the world, and you still have a lot ahead of you. It’s hard to believe when it especially hits you out of nowhere, but down the line you’ll realize that this breakup would help strengthen you.

In My Own Experience

In my own case, it’s been four months since the breakup. It took me two months to process all the trauma, I was in denial most of the time and did not follow through with no contact until one month after the breakup. I thought that I was the only one that even cared about the relationship, but after I actually followed through with no contact, my ex spammed me through emails and continuously tried contacting all my friends about me. It helped me realize that I was in a toxic relationship, especially that he cheated on me and humiliated me when he broke up with me. I was insecure after I got out of the relationship, but going to the gym and finding new hobbies really helped. I’m giving myself self-care, and I’m also learning to love myself more. It helps to really take good care of your hygiene like getting into taking vitamins or even skin care routines. I even put myself out there and found someone who makes me happy and is always supporting and reassuring me. I didn’t believe that I could find better or even anyone at all who would accept me, but there are people out there who would love to have someone like you. You just need to put yourself first and be selfish with yourself, always work on improving yourself.

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How to Truly Get over a Breakup
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