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How We Met...

Travel back in time ten years...

This happened roughly ten years ago, back when we were still using HI5, Yahoo! Messenger, didn't have smartphones, Facebook, or Photoshop. You know... simpler times. 

I was out with my friends to our regular bar/disco just having you find yourself at one point in your life. Dancing, drinking, singing, of my friends had just split up with her boyfriend so she was in quite a mood for drinking, (like you need a reason for that), so when she was pissed enough, she got the courage to go to one of her ex's friends and ask about him. I went with her, of course, as I saw some potential there and oh my god, was I right! I was speechless. He was tall, dark hair, green eyes, and sooooo handsome. I was smitten. Love! Right there! Boom! Of course she didn't introduce us, so I left still not knowing who he is...I didn't even have a chance to impress him...I didn't even think he saw me! (I think he was playing hard to get... he wasn't though :)) ) So that's how that evening ended... I know, disappointing! I know I was!

The next day I ask my friend about him. You know, the usual: where's he from, what does he do, what's his name, etc etc. That's how I found out he was living relatively close to me, he's been at the same bar thousands of times when I was there also (never noticed him—I blame the booze :D), she's known him for at least a year. Really?!

Life went on and in a few days I received an add request on Yahoo! messenger, of course, from him. I was over the moon, so excited, butterflies in the stomach, and all the rest. I accepted the request, then the usual followed: "Who are you? Do I know you? Have we ever met? How do you know this ID?" You have to keep the advantage, right? 

After explaining who he was, we chatted a bit and then he asked me to meet him on Saturday at the same bar. I agreed.

Come Saturday, I was getting ready, trying to look my best. I can say with a hint of modesty that I did. :D Anyway, we go out, no sign of him. After about an hour, he gets there with some of his friends. I was sitting just a few tables away from him, but it seemed like he couldn't even see me. I still had some dignity left so didn't went over. I tried to get his attention, but nothing. The evening ended and we didn't even look at each other.   

After a few days full of frustration, I decided to let it go. He wasn't interested and that's that. A week later, surprise! He's at the bar again, but of course I didn't even look at him. I couldn't care less. I was having fun with my friends, and after a few beers, the courage hit me and I started drinking his beer. Every time he was passing by I would take the beer from his hand and drink it. He didn't seem bothered. He'd just go back and buy another one. At one point, after all the drinking and dancing, I decided to take a break. So I was just sitting there next to a window ( it was summer), minding my own business when he came and sat next to me. I honestly don't remember what he asked, I was so nervous. I tried to act cool like I didn't really care he was there, and apparently I did a great job at it. At one point he put his hand around my shoulders and leaned in to kiss me, but I was so caught up in my act that I only realized what he was trying to do after it ended! I was literally screaming in my head: "You idiot, that's what you were waiting and you blew it! Now you can say good bye, he's never going to try again!" Of course he left, because who wouldn't? After a few minutes, he came back and asked me if I wanted to go outside for a walk. YES, YES YES! :D I went, we walked, and then we stopped on some stairs to rest. I remember he was talking about himself, trying to impress me (I knew it was b******t but he was so cute that I acted impressed) and then he kissed me. Hallelujah! I still have butterflies in my stomach ten years later remembering that moment. 

For the next two weeks I haven't heard from him... I know, again, disappointing. How hard can it be to dial, right? After two weeks, he calls to ask me out the next evening. Of course I accepted and cancelled my other date. He was so worth it. It turned out he was so funny, (literally every person he's ever met said he's the funniest, and after ten years he still makes me laugh my heart out), a lovely person, very calm, smart, and he still brings me flowers for no reason! :))

That's love, I tell ya!

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How We Met...
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