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Hurricane Peter (Pt. 2)

Chapter Two

Part 2

In between this break they had, she discovered that he was with another girl, who was kinda a colleague before. Lily then stopped answering Peter’s calls and started avoiding him everywhere. She was sad, because what she was having with Peter was special. He was the type of gentleman that cooks for you when you are sick, puts your head on his lap when something makes you sad in life. He was the type of guy that cared. He was her dad, her brother, her best friend, her love. He covered everything, every gap she had. The type that every girl wants. She felt complete. They were amazing together, and now another girl was having everything Lily had. The feeling of losing was the worst feeling. She didn’t want to share him. Deeply, her wish was to be with him forever. Him leaving everything to be with her was her dream. But she knew it would not happen.

But Lily enjoyed life so much that she would not stop living it because of a boy. She loved herself more than anybody else. She kept going to parties, hanging out with her friends, and meeting new people. Even an ex lover of hers showed up again and she started seeing him again…and she was happy with that. Yet something was missing. Nothing compared to the hot, crazy feeling that she felt for Peter.

Days had passed, and she was setting Peter aside. At least she wanted to think she was. One day, Lily was studying by herself at the library and Peter called. Her heart was almost exploding. A mix of emotions came to her. Should she answer? Or just decline? Or answer and say “Go, F* yourself!” She was confused, but decided to answer. He wanted to have a serious conversation with her.

He went to the library and told her that he had broken up with his girlfriend. Lily stopped for a second and said that it was good because now he could date the girl he was seeing with no worries and that it wasn’t her business. Despite that, Peter, smart and gallant as he was, said, "You are the first person I wanted to talk to about it. Haven’t seen anybody. It just happened and I came here because I don’t want anybody else, I want you."

Lily did not know what to do. It was everything she had always wanted to hear from him. God heard her. They were going to be together! Her dream was finally coming true.

But then she hold herself and said, "Shut up! Don’t play with people like that." Very nervous. But he insisted. Then she looked into his eyes and said that she needed to think.

Days passed and he kept calling her. After so many calls, she decided to give him another try. They had one night together, and that was enough for everything to start again. Feelings, desires, his warm, pleasurable touch... everything.

But guess what? Everything that doesn’t start in the right way does not have a good end. He was single. She wasn’t enough. He wanted more. He was like a vampire when they taste human blood. He felt freedom. She thought he was seeing only her, but, well, Peter did not date Lily. Lily dated Peter.

She discovered that he never stopped seeing the girl, and not only this girl, a lot of them. Lily’s friends had seen him being around other girls, but Lily had never seen. It is hard to believe something when you don’t see with your own eyes.

But look, the most curious thing: He was dating/flirting/kissing a lot of girls in front of everybody, and everybody knew he was having sex with all of those girls, but he never, ever kissed Lily in front of anybody. The only people who knew were their closest friends. And it hurt Lily. She did not understand why it was like that. She asked him why they have never kissed in front of people, in parties, and everywhere. He used to say that he wanted to protect her, and she thought it was nice of him. “Of course, anything he would do was nice for Lily.”

She knew he was hooking up with a lot of girls, but she decided to keep this relationship anyway because she couldn’t see a way without him. It was powerful; stronger than anything she had ever felt. Lily thought it was love.

Love?! Poor girl.

(To be continued...)

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Hurricane Peter (Pt. 2)
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