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I Had My First Kiss at 18!

Don't be embarrassed! It happens.

I had my first kiss at 18 years old. Yes, a full-fledged "grown up."  Just to put you at ease, I am an active, relatively attractive, and I think, pretty funny girl. When I started college people were shocked that I hadn't had my first kiss it seemed like an everyday normal part of adolescence that I skipped. 

Although I am Christian, I didn't have anything against dating or kissing in high school there just wasn't anyone I really wanted to date or kiss. After waiting so long to have my first kiss it then had an aura around it like it needed to be great because I waited so long.

At college, a friend (a cute boy) asked me to kiss him when we were hanging out with a group one way of reacting would've been to just kiss him and check kissing off the list. Instead, I said, "I'm good," and while he sucked face with someone else, I was glad I didn't just randomly kiss my friend without having any emotions or feelings.

A few weeks later, when one of my friends, a very cute redheaded boy, and I started hanging out and going on dates I thought maybe he'd be the first boy I kissed. On our third official date,  we went to a coffee shop and he asked me to be his girlfriend (I may have accidentally fist-bumped him..but that's beside the point) we talked about boundaries, what we both wanted in a relationship and our feelings for each other. 

Later that day, we watched the sunset in a gazebo at an old airport, as planes landed and the golden light flooded the fields I thought this was it, his arm around me, what else could you want? I thought it was the perfect backdrop. As I scooted closer he said the sun was setting and it was time for our next stop. Next stop? I thought this was the finale. We packed up and headed off to a mystery location. 

We drove into green hills that flood Northern CA and arrived at his house. There was a path of twinkly lights leading to the back of his house. A black and white letter sign read, "What Eating Gilbert Grape One Night Only" Lanterns hung from the trees, an antique dresser had my favorite snacks and infused water, and a projector to watch one of my favorite movies. 

Sitting on a couch he got just for that night we sat with a fire roaring at our feet and a young Johnny Depp crying onscreen.  It was perfect, and so that night 18 year old me had my first kiss. It wasn't perfect because of all the things he did; it was perfect because he was someone who I really liked, trusted, and wanted to share this moment with.  

If you're out there in college, graduating high school, or feel like everyone else has already had their first kiss my advice is to not rush into anything. Don't like someone just because they like you, like someone because you like them. 

You like the way they laugh or their voice or that weird little thing only they do. Like them because you like them. When you find that person and they find you, you'll be glad you waited. But hey, that's just my experience.

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I Had My First Kiss at 18!
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