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I'm 19, and I Don't Believe in Love

Love writes itself wrong for me, it has ever since I was younger.

Hold on, hold on, hear me out okay. 

It's not that I don't believe in being with someone.  It's not like I'm this sad person who doesn't believe in romance or anything.  I just believe love, is over rated. 

There's people in this world that long their whole life to find the "perfect person," when that person may not even exist.  I personally know people who have dropped everything in their own lives to run after someone who was hurting them all for the pursuit of 'Love.'

Here's the thing, I don't believe in love, true, but I do believe in a connection.  I have found love in my life multiple times, with my best friend. I know that sounds weird, but here's the thing, I do love her, just not romantically, but in a way of connection.  My other best friend who I met five years ago online, she was one of my first loves.  These two people are incredibly important to me in a sense of connection and closeness.

A sense of connection is more important than love really. Think about it, the word 'Love' now a days is used with EVERYTHING! As in "Oh, I LOVE this coffee," or telling your obnoxious drunk friend you love her to calm her down. Love has been projected on about two thirds of Hallmark stores, plus there's several holidays just to market off the idea. Love has become a profit maker. It's no longer a connection between humans.

Look, flowers are great, but are you getting them out of love or just to show off? Flashy wrist watches are nice, but are you just getting it to claim your man or girl? Really think, the person you are with, are you connected? Do you share important things, moments, and coincidences? My best friend has told me on multiple occasions that she felt more love for me, than her last boyfriend, who she thought she really loved. For us, we share a connection of humans. Even though it may not be romantic or sexual, we still have a connection beyond words, even beyond worlds.  

When I was young, I saw so many relationships fall to pieces. My parents divorced when I was six. My mom left my brother and I for her abusive ex. So many family members fell into terrible disarray from painful breakups. The only relationship I have ever seen last would be my grandparents.  I asked them one day how they kept everything together for so long. I remember my grandmother telling me, "We're connected, I feel what he feels, I know when he misses me, he knows when I miss him, It's never been about showing the world who we are, it's always been about showing each other who we are."

I have kept that quote with me for years, because I have never heard anything so true. My grandparents have been together for almost fifty years now, they have three children, and five grandchildren (I included). They show nothing but loving affection to all of us, also too each other. They still to this day act the same way when they first met, 52 years ago.

Let's recap. Yes, I don't believe in love. What I do believe in is connection, soul crossings, cosmic relations. Love has become a profitable market, it has moved on from it's original meaning some (including me) might say. Romance has become a showdown, it's now about who can make their partner happier, or who can show off, it has become over the top flashy. 

A true relationship should be about having fun, not showing off, not proving your 'love' to others, but proving your connection to your partner. Finding 'love' is easy, you can 'love' anything or anyone really. It's finding that connection that's the difficult part, the important part.

Sierra Lynn
Sierra Lynn

Sierra Lynn is an old soul with a thousand dreams. 

She is an adventurer at heart and hopes to one day travel the world with her best friend, her dog Silver. 

She writes the world around her too cope with the way the world revolves. 

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I'm 19, and I Don't Believe in Love
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