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I, the Servant

Even a servant needs love.

I heard the knock and quickly hastened to the door. Before I touched the handle I made sure to straighten my attire and hold in any signs of exhaustion from crossing the large estate. Once I had composed myself I opened the large set of wooden double doors to see who was behind them. I was met by a young girl not much smaller than myself in over sized jeans, a large Rick and Morty t-shirt, and a dingy brown jacket. She had her hair tied back in a pony tail and midnight black, framed glasses that adorned her face. At most she was cute, but not at all the kind of girl I was used to knocking on the doors at this hour.

“Hello,” I said, “Are you lost young lady?”

She looked up at me and her face flushed a bright red, “Um...Nala sent me. She said to speak with someone named Kal?”

I smiled and stepped back away from the doors, “Welcome then. Come inside. You must be cold in that thing.”

She pulled her jacket around herself and bowed her head before stepping inside. She seemed nervous at best and firmly out of place. I watched as she lifted her head to look around upon walking into the house. I shut the doors behind her waited for her to take it all in. My mistress, Nala, was always sending strange girls to the doors at night, usually they looked like hookers and were to be her playthings when she returned. This one didn’t look anything of the sort. She looked more like struggling college student... maybe.

“Might I ask your name?” I questioned.

She turned around quick, causing her ponytail to slap her in the face. Before answering she had to pull it back behind her head and spit out bits of hair.

“Lucy,” she said, “Are you Kal?”

“I am,” I said, “Though only Mistress Nala calls me that. My full name is Kalthur."

“Really?” she asked, “No last name? Are you foreign?”

I laughed a little, “No. A bit forward don’t you think?”

She dropped her head and her cheeks went red once more.

“I’m only teasing,” I said, “If you follow me, I’ll show you to your room.”

She looked back up at me and bit her lip, “Actually Nala told me not to follow you to a room. That I should just sit down here until she got back.”

“That’s a first,” I said aloud, “Sorry, usually Nala’s visitors end up staying the night. It was rude of me to assume you were here under the same pretense.”

“It’s okay,” she said, “What do you mean pretense?”

I shook my head, “It’s nothing. I’m sure Nala will explain when she arrives.”

“Do you know how long I’ll be waiting?” she asked, “I have exams tomorrow.”

College student indeed.

“I can’t say,” I said, “My mistress is not always prompt with her appointments.”

“Your mistress?” Lucy questioned, “Why do you call her that? The way you say it is weird. Are you screwing her?”

I felt my cheeks flush. This girl had no filter. Made me wonder why Nala had even sent her here.

“That is something I am not at liberty to discuss with you,” I said, “You’re certainly more rude than Mistress Nala’s other guests.”

“So you are,” she said a matter of factly.

“No,” I said, “That is a private matter. The living area is through that archway. I suggest you take to it until Mistress Nala returns. I have other business to attend to.”

I made sure there was an air of irritation in my voice upon speaking. Once I’d finished, she looked hurt like I’d just taken a swing at her. She didn’t say another word after, she just turned rather sheepishly and headed into the living area. Once she was gone I just shook my head. She looked to be a shy girl but she had a sharp tongue with no sense of respect. Where did Nala find this one, I asked myself. Then as if on cue the cellphone in my pocket rang. I pulled it out, it was Nala.

“Nala where are you?” I asked.

“Did you get my present?” she asked over the phone, “I’ll be in Florida a while. I told her not to follow you to a room unless she wanted to but she shouldn’t be hard to seduce. A bit straightforward but seemed like your type.”

"My type?” I asked, “I thought she was here for you. Why are you in Florida? And why the hell did you send me a person as a gift? She has exams tomorrow, she’s obviously in college.”

“Oh I know,” she said, “Seems you’ve been paying attention to her. Good. You’ll need to if you’re going to win her over.”

“Nala I’m sending her home,” I said, “I have no intention of impeding on this young girl’s life.”

“No!” she shouted in my ear, “Look Kal, I know you said you don’t like people but give her a go. You won’t be my servant forever and I don’t want you to die alone.”

“I’d prefer to,” I said.

“Just talk to her,” she said, “give it an hour and then do what you will alright? That’s an order.”

I rolled my eyes on her last words, “Fine. I hate when you play matchmaker.”

“Why because it always works?”

I hung up the phone and stuffed it in back in my pocket. Give it an hour. I’ll just go tidy up the rooms or cook something for dinner until then, I thought. Then I can send the girl home and be done with the whole ordeal. Just as I started for the stairs the girl came out of the living area in just her t-shirt and jeans. I found myself staring at her differently than before. She really was cute.

“Um...Nala texted me to get comfortable,” she said, “I’m not sure I should. Can I go home?”

I sighed, “Unfortunately you need to stay for at least an hour. Nala will know if you left early.”

“What am I supposed to do?” she asked.

“Explore,” I said, “What you break, I will fix and if your hungry just let me know.”

I opened my arms to the whole estate and then turned to head into the back of the house. I thought I was free of her until she spoke up again.

“You mind giving me a tour?” she asked, “I’m sorry to ask and you probably don’t like me but I think I’d get lost in here.”

I turned to face her and saw that she looked genuinely intimidated by the place. Her body was curled a little ways into itself and she hung her head low. Again, I found myself doting on how cute she was. Something in me refused the offer to give her a tour but I found myself agreeing to it.

“As you wish,” I said, “Lead the way and I shall explain whatever you have questions about.”

Our eyes locked for a moment and I felt a brief buzz. Instead of looking away I held her gaze and she seemed to do the same for mine.

“I’ll make sure you don’t get lost,” I said softly.

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I, the Servant
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