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I Think I Sprained My Ankle

Despite a dumb situation, this problem took my mind off of things.

This is what it felt like to me. First minute, I'm in the air and the next, I'm flat on the ground getting up

Three years ago, I was in this play called, "The K of D." It was about an urban legend in a small town that had to do with this girl who can kill you with a kiss, but it's also a comedy since the story revolves around kids that get involved in it. Anyway, there was a bit of drama behind the scenes, at least with me since this was a more internal problem. I developed feelings for someone I shouldn't have and I knew how everything was going to play out so I was doing things to keep my mind busy.

I took up songwriting, I delved deeper into the character I was playing like trying experimenting what would work, I would pretend I was Spider-Man when I was in a black jumpsuit but somehow my mind would make me realize that I'm black suited Spider-Man and everything in me should be coming out like anger and sadness, I'd listen to music nonstop, I'd make music a little, and of course, I'd watch Netflix to make me forget about it. Out of all of those things, I did find comfort in hanging out with a good friend of mine, who we'll call Peter, but unfortunately, that even got tainted.

During the week before opening night comes, I'm in the Green Room with some friends after we did a good rehearsal and the cast is letting off some steam in the theater but I like to keep my stuff private because I like being a mystery to people. Peter was in the bathroom changing out of the jumpsuit, now with Peter and I, we have the type of friendship where we slap each other a bit so when he came out of the bathroom, I snuck up behind him and jumped in the air to land with a slap to the back of his neck but I couldn't stick the landing. One foot landed on the ground but my other foot landed and went the other way, I didn't break my foot or anything but I knew something was wrong because I got up and started to walk it off but I was limping. 

I spent the rest of the day limping and it kind of helped me take my mind off of the gal I was developing feelings for since all I was doing was driving myself crazy and no one was really helping me out because even if I did want help, I would've felt like no one would understand where I would come from. So I made it home since I don't drive and where I was living at the time was a 15 minute walk, I asked my mom about my ankle since she's sprained her ankle before so she told me to stay off of it and use the RICE method plus I'm stubborn because I avoid hospitals no matter what.

The next day, my ankle feels worse. I sat up from my bed and I felt it yelling at me, "NOPE! We're staying in bed today!" Which was fine with me because I hated being around people supporting this possibility of a relationship between the gal I liked at the time and who she liked too while I was dying inside and it felt like no one was giving a damn. I was sad that I was stuck in bed though, not because I wanted to be around that again but because I really wanted to get back into the play plus I had a bit of Tom Cruise blood in me but I had to make sure my ankle was okay.

I ended up being able to move around by the end of the day so I was ready for whatever the play threw at me. Finally, when it was time for me to get back to the play the next day, I had to do a stunt (at least I consider it a stunt) where I had to jump from a higher platform where it had a lower step that Peter and a few other cast-mates were sitting on to a path where it leads downstage closer to the audience. I pulled it off but since I wanted to be sure, I jumped from the platform four more times. I wasn't at 100 percent, I was at least between 70-80 percent, but I did it and even though that my ankle problem was only solved in a day, the biggest problem was still coming at me like a runaway train.

Don Anderson II
Don Anderson II

I write about movies but I write about stuff that happened to me in my life too. Music is involved even though I don't know much about it plus I'll sprinkle some things I love about women. Send some tips if you love what I talk about

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I Think I Sprained My Ankle
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