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I Will Support My Husband's Passion

As If It Were My Own

Photo taken by Troy Pierce at DyFocal Studios

My husband has an ever-growing desire to become a photographer. Not just any photography, though. He LOVES every aspect of the art. He appreciates the angles, lighting, contrast, and anything else you can think of having to do with a high quality photograph. Half of what I just said, I wouldn't even know what it meant if it wasn't for my husband. He has wanted to become a photographer since he was about 15 years old. He took a photography class his sophomore year in high school and fell in love with it soon after. He ended up taking it for the following two years, but didn't even get a professional camera until about two years ago; not long after he had graduated high school. Since he bought it used off of someone, it didn't even come with a user manual. Because of that, I can't even count how many YouTube videos he has watched to learn the camera, both inside and out. He is even trying to start his own photography business with his best friend. He dreams to become sponsored by companies such as Honda, Chevrolet, and Mercedes. Those are amazing brands, but I honestly don't think he will ever stop until Red Bull has sponsored him. He is always talking about how he would have his hat designed, and I find that funny because he doesn't even wear hats! I've seen the smiles and grins while taking my sister's senior prom pictures, and I've also seen them just taking pictures of our children in the yard. Both make him equally happy and it makes me that happiest wife in the world being able to watch him do what he loves.

It is not always—at all. It gets hard, and even very hard at times, but there is never a time I will not be supporting him. There is never a time when I will not love him. I will always be by his side through think and thin. I will always support what he loves to do no matter what. For a short amount of time, he even wanted to be a private detective. I'm talking full blown 'Sherlock Holmes.' Even though Holmes is a fictional character, he was striving to be the way he was. That dream was short lived, but all along the way I never doubted he could do it. When he would ask me what he should do in life, my answer every time was, "Baby, I don't care. I truly want you to be doing whatever it is you want to do. No matter what it is, I will always be supporting you."

Watching him take photos of anything he puts in front of the lens makes my heart happy because I know even if it is just a pine cone rippling out of water, he is doing what he loves. 

Be that person who supports your significant other. Encourage them, make them feel important, and support them in anything they do when they love it with such a great passion. Share the same interest they do, even if you don't enjoy it all that much to you. Act like you enjoy it for a moment or so.  It will mean the world to them because they know that you are trying. Be their back bone, and their stronghold. They need you to be there for them, especially when all of the odds seem to be against them. Be the comfort they need when they feel like they aren't doing enough. Give them constructive criticism, but never fail to praise what they are working their butts off for. All of these things are important, but the most important of them all is to love them through everything. 


My husband and his business partner's page @Dyfocal

His personal @tr_o_y

My personal @kaylagrace1035

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I Will Support My Husband's Passion
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