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Insane Asylum

When a Girl’s Night In Goes Completely Wrong

To Annabell, it felt like another night in with her best friend, Lorey. They had started out watching a couple of movies and had a few drinks. Then Lorey had an idea to go out on an adventure. Annabell was completely down for it. 

When Lorey and Annabell had been out adventuring they had stumbled across an insane asylum. Lorey thought it would be a cool idea to be admitted into this mental hospital and then escape. 

Annabell was kind of iffy on the idea, "Why would anyone want to do such thing. I know we do stupid shit, but why would that even be fun. It sounds scary and stupid."

"Oh, come on Anna, don't be a wuss," replied Lorey.

So unwillingly, Annabell had followed Lorey into the asylum. They were drunk enough to pass as crazy. Surprised, they were actually admitted. 

‘I wonder how long Lorey will keep this up?’ Annabell thought to herself. Annabell had put fake information in since it was supposed to be a joke. So she thought.

The inside of the hospital kind of had a bar setting look to it. The staff had kept their stuff behind the bar.

After they finished being admitted, they had requested to go smoke outside. Once they got out they met Annabell’s ex-boyfriend, Robert, and his cousin, Ted. They were supposed to help them plan their escape.

“Annabell!” Robert excitedly said.

“Robert’s excited to see me,” Annabell had said to Lorey as Robert hugged her. 

Lorey tells Robert and Ted what’s happening, but Annabell never really heard what the plan was to get out. Before going back in, Robert goes and gets his car for the great escape, and Ted stands by the door to help get them out.

When they go back inside they sit at a booth, Annabell looks at the coat check trying to figure out how to get her stuff back.

‘The staff are looking at us weirdly like they know something is up,’ Annabell had thought to herself.

Annabell didn’t realize that Lorey had disappeared. By the time she had realized Lorey was gone, she had asked the staff where Lorey went and the staff had said Lorey had left. 

“Wait, what? What do you mean Lorey left?” asked Annabell. 

“Lorey had left to go home,” said the nurse. 

“She left without me?” asked Annabell. “Why would she do that?”

The staff had just looked at her. Annabell got a little nervous about what was happening. 

“Could I get my stuff, please. So, I can leave,” said Annabell.

“No, sorry I can’t do that,” said the nurse. 

“Huh? Why?” 

“Becuase you were admitted,” said the nurse. 

“Excuse me?” said Annabell confused and stunned. 

“You’re friend Lorey had you admitted,” explained the nurse. 

“What are you talking about. We were just doing a Netflix and chill night. This was supposed to be a joke. Not an actual thing,” said Annabell. “So, please give me my shit.” 

“Sorry, we can’t do that,” said the nurse. 

“Actually, yes you can. You cannot keep me here. It’s illegal to keep me here against my will,” said Annabell now getting pissed. 

“Fine,” said the nurse. As she turns to the other nurses. “Can you get her stuff.”

One of the male nurses came out and Annabell had snatched her stuff from the nurse and walked out flipping them the finger.

Annabell got outside and Robert was sitting in the car ready to go and Lorey was leaning against the car. Like she knew Annabell would get out.

“What the actual fuck!” exclaimed Annabell. “What is your problem?”

“It was just a joke,” said Lorey.

“How is that a joke?” asked Annabell. “How is having me admitted a joke?”

“Well, technically you admitted yourself,” Lorey pointed out.

“So, did you!” Said Annabell.

“Yea, but, the point of it was to break out,” explained Lorey.

“Well, didn’t need to break out. They can’t hold you hostage,” Annabell said sarcastically.

“Very true,” replied Lorey.

Annabell and Lorey got into the car and  Robert had driven them home.