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Is the Wedding Worth It?

From a Girl Who Did Both

I’m Alana. I’ve been married 5 years in February. Is the wedding worth it? A question I’ve asked myself many times. Story time: In December 2013 my now husband asked me to marry him. I knew this was coming. We had been planning to get married for months. We were still so excited to share our news with everyone, news we had been keeping a secret. We had such an interesting past that it was a little shocking to others at first, but that’s a story for another time. We decided that it would be more convenient for us to get married ASAP for paperwork’s sake. I needed to be on my husband’s orders and it would be easier if we were already married. So in February 2014 I bought my plane ticket and we would be married by the 13th. A little weather changes and the first huge snowfall Tennessee had seen in 20 years pushed me back a day and we ended up getting married on Valentines Day (yuck). For the record, that wasn’t the plan. We went to the courthouse, just my parents and brother, his mom, and us. We were married in 2 hours by a very sweet woman and in front of a horrid but memorable back drop. In fact, in the military community a lot of people have this back drop in their picture. It’s a conversation piece. We planned to have a big wedding in June. And we did. It was something that, at the time, I felt like I had to have. It’s a right of passage to wear the white dress and have the showers and parties and invite everyone you know to bask in your happiness and celebrate your love with your new spouse. There is nothing wrong with that. I loved my wedding, I loved my dress, I love those memories. We had a ceremony with our pastor and it was magical, indeed. 

But, did you notice what I said at the beginning? I said we will be married 5 years in February. I consider that the true day that I entered into that bond with my husband, the man I love. It’s something to think about. Not everyone is the same. No one is going to feel the exact same way I do about this because it’s your decision. I loved my big wedding but I could have been happy with just eloping. 

Thank you for reading. 

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Is the Wedding Worth It?
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