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Is Your Phone Ruining Your Relationship?

Do you use your phone too much?

We have all heard at least one person we know say that they "couldn't live" without their phone. And whilst phones are very important for a lot of people, they could be doing more harm than good, particularly because they can ruin your relationship.

Phones have replaced a lot of things, so it is natural that we spend a little bit more time with them, but you need to know whether or not you are spending too much time with your phone and not enough time with your partner because if you don't have the balance right, it will leave your partner feeling:


If you spend all evening sitting there on your phone, updating statuses and checking stories, your partner is going to feel like they are not important. And this might not seem serious but it can lead to resentment and regret within the relationship which could result in you being single. You might not see this right now, as you think you are doing nothing wrong, but would you want to spend your time with someone who ignores you and barely says a word to you?


If your partner is talking to you and you are on your phone, that's rude and disrespectful, pay attention! If they have made a delicious dinner, or you are out for dinner, put your phone away and enjoy and appreciate each others company, don't ruin a nice evening by being on the phone the whole time. If your partner feels like you don't respect them it could have serious consequences for your relationship. Feeling unappreciated is a huge cause of relationship breakups, people can only take so much before they give up.

Taken for Granted

Just because you want to believe that someone will always be there for you no matter what, doesn't mean that they will be. If you ignore them and take them for granted all of the time then eventually they will leave, and you will be left feeling full of regret because all you had to do was put your phone down occasionally and it could have saved your relationship.


By staying on your phone when you are with your partner, you are basically telling them that whoever you are talking to now is far more important than they are. You wouldn't like to be in a relationship with someone if they did the same thing to you, would you? No, you would feel unimportant and second best, and this is how they feel.


It is only natural when someone is always on the phone to wonder what they are doing and why they are doing it, it is human nature. They will start to feel suspicious about your loyalty and this could lead to some major trust issues and it could potentially ruin your relationship. Think about the situation as if it were the other way around and they were on their phone all of the time and always had it with them, never leaving it unattended and constantly talking to someone, how would you feel about that? Not great I bet.

Spend Quality Time Together

I am not saying that you need to throw all technology away and lead a completely backwoods existence. Just maybe limit the use of the phone and talk to your partner occasionally, spend some quality time together.

Talk to each other, about important stuff and about stupid stuff; the point is to talk and have fun together, learn things about each other and build a stronger relationship. If you don't, and you do end up single, you will be so full of regret because the only thing you would have had to do was spend a little bit more time with them and pay more attention to them rather than your phone, and it is only then, when it is too late, that you would realize that your partner was more important than your Facebook updates.

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Is Your Phone Ruining Your Relationship?
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