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It Started With a Note

A look was all it took

There I was once again at Starbucks trying to read Dracula by Brahm Stoker. I’ve been trying to finish this book since the start of the fall semester, but sadly, I was bombarded with projects, tests, and essays which took up my time. I was in such a rush to finish everything on time that I never did have an opportunity to sit down, get a tall iced caramel macchiato, and continue to read Dracula. But today was different. Today was the last day of classes, and next week would be finals, but the good thing was that I already took my finals. Now I can relax, sip my favorite drink, and read without any worry. As I was reading, I heard someone approach where I was seated, which was a table for two people, and knock on it. I decided to look up, and there was a five feet tall guy with blue eyes smirking at me. I rolled my eyes internally because I knew what was coming next. Flirting. I decided to hear him out by just raising my eyebrows as to say what, and he took the hint as what I wanted to say.

He leaned over the table and asked: “What’s a cute girl doing here alone?” I rolled my eyes once again, because really...I’m at Starbucks, not at a bar, so what kind of line is that? I decided to humor him, so I responded saying that I was reading. I was hoping he’d get the hint that I didn’t want to be bothered but he sadly didn’t get it, or he was too stubborn. He just checked me out and said “Oh, a spicy girl. I like that.” 

I leaned over and smiled at him while saying, “A fuck boy. I hate that.” He was taken aback, and so he decided to leave. But as he went, I heard him mutter curses which I didn’t care for because I am, indeed, a bitch when someone interrupts my precious reading time. I take that personally.

After Mr. I Think I Can Get Any Girl left, I went back to reading Dracula, when suddenly I noticed an attractive guy who caught my eye. He was about six feet tall, had fierce looking brown eyes, a beautiful figure, and walked with an air of confidence as if he knew everyone was staring at him at that moment. He had on some tight black skinny jeans that showed how beautiful his legs were and he had on a tight white shirt that showed his muscles. He looked straight out of a fashion magazine and luckily for me he decided to sit right in front of me. I was impressed, but not so impressed that I’d be distracted enough to stop reading Dracula. After all, a good book is far better and meaningful than a hot guy. After checking him out, I went back to reading Dracula and was so immersed in it. I got to the part where Dracula’s wives were introduced when I suddenly heard a piece of paper sliding next to me.

I decided to look around, and I caught sight of a note at the edge of the table. A piece of paper was what interrupted my reading, and I thought to myself, I swear to god if it’s a pickup line I will fight whoever wrote it. I picked up the note to see what it said, and it read, "Hey, do you think Mr. Sex On Legs is into guys?" I laughed a bit but then furrowed my eyebrows trying to figure out who gave me this note. I concluded that the most probable answer would be the person next to me since, after all, they would have easy access to do so. As I came to this conclusion, I decided to find out if I was right, so I turned to my left and saw a cute looking guy with chubby cheeks and round glasses sitting at the table next to me. I wanted to coo and go and pinch his little cheeks, but instead, I turned the post-it note around and wrote: "Guessing, Mr. Sex On Legs is the attractive guy sitting in the table right in front of us, right?"

I slid the note to him and gauged his reaction. He widened his eyes and then took out another post-it note to write on. He pushed the letter to me, and it said "Yes." I nodded and wrote back, "Why do you think I would know if Mr. Sex On Legs is into guys and also assume that I would be okay with you wanting him? For all you know I would want to be with him too." I gave him the note, and he wrote back, "Well, you’re wearing a rainbow choker and an asexual bracelet that says, Bi Bi Bi, which honestly makes sense. Us gays have to stick together and let the others know that we are here for them." Tired of the note passing, I decided to write one final time to ask if we could sit together to analyze Mr. Sex On Leg’s sexuality further. He agreed, so we moved our tables together and introduced ourselves to one another.

It turns out the cute guy sitting next to me is named Noah. I tell him how cute he is and pinch his cheeks. Noah in turn blushes, which causes me to coo and tell him how adorable he is as well as how I want to protect him from all harm. Noah didn't like what I said, so he hit me and told me, “Luna, stop. Let’s concentrate on finding out that guy’s sexuality.” I nod and begin to analyze Mr. Sex On Leg’s clothes and accessories, but I found no sign that he would be into guys like a rainbow bracelet, socks, or hell, even an LGBTQ pin. He wasn’t wearing any accessories besides his Rolex watch which when I saw I started to tap on Noah’s shoulder.

I told him, “Wow, he has a Rolex, if he’s into guys then he can be your sugar daddy.” 

Noah started to hit me while saying “Who says I need a sugar daddy huh.” I rolled my eyes and commented that based on the textbooks he had on the table, he naturally went to college, and judging by the college debt rate, we all need sugar daddies or sugar mommas.

Instead of agreeing with me, he blushed and kept on hitting me. I told him to stop and that for a cute looking guy he sure hits hard. Noah responded by continuing to hit me and, ouch, it started to hurt, so I ended the teasing. After that, we just stared at Mr.Sex On Legs for about five minutes until I said “Noah, this is useless. Why don’t you go and flirt with him? And if he doesn’t like guys, maybe seeing your cute face will make him question his sexuality.”

Noah shook his head and said, “Lunaaa..that’s a terrible idea because what if he rejects me by sneering and saying ew.” As he was talking to me, he began to pout. I swear if he doesn’t want me to call him cute and adorable than he needs to stop pouting. Ugh, Noah’s cuteness will be the death of me. I can already imagine my gravestone saying ‘Here lies Luna who died because Noah was too cute.’

Seeing how distressed Noah was on trying to find out if that hot man was into guys, I decided to ask him myself. I told Noah that I was going to get another drink, but halfway towards the counter I looked at Noah, winked, and went straight for Mr. Sex On Leg’s table. When I got there, I just froze because holy shit, he was even more attractive up close. I turned to face Noah’s direction and widen my eyes, signaling to him that wow, this guy was handsome. Noah then indicated me to turn around because the said guy was staring at me weirdly, so I quickly did. I smiled at him, took a seat and said: “Your parents must have some good genes because you look straight out of a comic book or out of those mythology books about Greek Gods.” 

He laughed at my comment and muttered “Thanks.”

I, in turn, told him, “You're welcome. By the way, my name is Luna. What's yours?” And that's how I came to know that Mr. Sex On Legs's name was Sam. I asked him what he was working on since he had a paper which he was writing on. 

He said, “Oh, this. It's my final essay for my economics class.”

I gaped and said, “Smart and sexy..that's not fair. Leave the rest of us with something.” 

Sam once again laughed and smirked while saying, “Well you're not too bad yourself.” 

Use to being flirted with, I didn't blush and instead just said, “Thanks, but I think there are other people cuter than me. Like, for example, that guy over there.” I jerked my head towards Noah and signaled him to try to remain nonchalant while Sam checks him out. Thankfully, Noah kept his cool and pretended to be hard at work with his homework. 

I saw Noah furrow his eyebrows while trying to write something and said “Ah, he's so cute when he does that. A cutie. An angel.”

I heard Sam mutter, “Yeah, too cute for my good.”

I quickly whipped my head around, leaned over the desk to look at Sam's eyes while asking, “Oh, you like him, don't you? You think he's cute. So cute you want to take him and either protect him or eat him.” Sam looked at me with his eyes about to bulge out, and he started to stutter how he didn't like Noah at all. I looked at him with my ‘I don't believe you’ face. I leaned towards him again and said, “If it helps, his name is Noah and he likes you. He asked me, a total stranger, to help him figure out if you were into guys. He's a bit fearful of rejection, so I took it upon myself to ask you personally. So if you want to do something cheesy like order him a drink and write your phone number in, I recommend you buy him something sweet like the vanilla bean Macchiato. But it's up to you if you want to make a move, so bye,” I get up and walk towards Noah and to sit down next to him.

Once I sit down, Noah starts firing out questions like, “Does he like guys?” “What did he say?” “Why the hell did you do that? ” “Did he say anything about being interested in me?” 

I put my hands on his cheeks smiled and said, “Noah, breathe. His name is Sam, he's in college like us and came here to do his final. He thinks you're cute, so I told him that you liked him. Now, it's time to wait to see if he'll ask you out, which I think he will.” Noah, in turn, asked how I knew that Sam would ask him out. I smiled and turned his head towards the Starbucks counter where Sam ordered something and now was walking towards us. I kissed Noah’s cheek and said: “Good luck cutie, it's time for me to leave so you and he can get it on.” But Noah shook his head no and grabbed my arm to make me sit down.

We were arguing back and forth about me leaving. Noah was saying how he didn't want me to go because he was too scared and he'd most likely mess his chance up. And me saying how he'd be okay and everything was going to be okay. We were so into the conversation that we both didn't notice Sam standing in front of us until he cleared his throat, to which I smiled and said, “Oh hi Sam wassup, how are you doing?” Sam just raised his eyebrow and asked Noah if the seat was taken. Noah just shook his head no, which caused me to hit him in the back of the head and say, “Use your mouth, Noah.” Noah got mad and he hit me saying how that was rude. And the argument started again, to which Sam once again cleared his throat to shut us up. Noah and I turned our head towards him.

He put a vanilla bean Macchiato on the table and pushed it towards Noah while saying, “For you.” 

I saw a hint of a blush on both of them, so I said, “Oh, you guys are blushing, how cute. Let me take a picture.” I was ready to take a picture when I felt Noah hit my arm and Sam kick my leg. I glared at both of them while massaging my arm and leg as well as muttered, “Damn why do you guys have to hit me. That hurts.” I pouted and said how much it hurt, to which Sam said that I deserved it for being loud and teasing his future boyfriend. At the word boyfriend, I turned to Noah, who was blushing like crazy.

That day, my whole life changed. I became friends with both Noah and Sam. Later on, we realized that we all went to the same college, but we just hadn't run into each other. I laugh at the coincidence of it all and how a simple note created a close friendship as well as a couple. Sam and Noah are still together while me, well, I'm single, but I'm okay with that. I get enough love and attention from Noah as well as my dose of cheesy cuteness from Sam when he teases Noah with pick up lines. 

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It Started With a Note
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