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Just One's Love Story

Never thought I'd be alive.

It started on a Halloween 2012 I believe. I went with my friends, I don't remember where, and I don't remember what exactly happened. All I remember is that, on that day, I liked him. 

But the thing was, was that one of my friends had liked him too. So being me, I put aside my feelings, buried them deep enough that the "like" went away. So years passed, and I graduated High school in 2014, that friend and I kind of drifted apart, but I reached out to her and it was like we popped right back into how we used to be. Around the same time, I had been talking to him (Jay), I didn't realize my feelings were coming out slowly.

There was this night, my mom had opened an unwanted door for months now, and my dad was going to take me and my sister to go get some food. My mom's truck was outside, and I told my dad to keep going, don't stop. 

He stopped. Slowed down the car, rolled down the window, and taunted my mom. I know my dad was hurt by what she did, but I got so mad, when my dad started driving again, I got out of the car and walked back home. I was fuming...I went through the living room, out the back door, and went into the laundry room, where I cried...I was so hurt, I know what my mom did was wrong, but I hated everyone ganging up on her, I hated what that open door did to our family. 

So I needed a distraction, someone to calm me down because all I wanted to do was scream and yell, and hit whatever I could hit. But no one messaged me back, and the only one who did, was Jay. He distracted me for about an hour, and in that moment, my feelings just exploded I guess. Because a few days after, I left to go to my friend C's house, and I heard laughter and voices outside. So, I slowly peeked on the side of the wall and there Jay was, leaning back on his chair, laughing with his hat on, and I got so scared. That's when I knew I liked him. So scared I literally ran all the way home, even dropped my wallet and these two guys caught me in time and gave it back to me. I ran into my house, where my friend was (I had taken her in to live with me at the time, another story for later), and told her. She then said "I knew it!" I was so confused. 

So she decided to play this game, with Jay, telling him that she knew some people who liked him, and so he was guessing. Me being me again, I decided to help him BUT I didn't know my friend had put me in the game. We were doing this game way before I had figured out my feelings, and so yea in the end he figured out it was me. 

Me being me again...I was thinking about my old friend A...We had just reconnected and I found out she still liked him. So I helped her...I tried to help her talk to Jay, and about a few weeks later when I found out my feelings, I told her. I didn't want us to end like hers and my other friends, Friendship ended. She told me its okay, and I even made her promise to not stop talking to me if anything happened, so she promised.

Literally a day or two later, Jay asks me out. I thought about it, even was lectured about it by everyone telling me to put myself first for once. 

And in the end, I said yes. About the same day I think, A stopped talking to me...My other friend J says it was because A thought I was leading her on and I was actually with Jay for a while, but that wasn't true...

Any who, I was trying to enjoy the relationship as much as I could because I honestly thought he would leave soon. When it didn't, I was surprised. 

The day I knew I loved him though, we were walking down the hill, and I looked up, and Everything looked beautiful. It had looked dull after the eviction. It felt like I was alive. 

In the end of that, he became my husband. Which was amazing, I just hope and wish that I'll get to have an actual dream wedding. I also hope I'll get to have my father and daughter dance...With my dad being sick, I don't know if it'll happen...and, well let's just hope... 

Not exactly the best love story ever, but I loved and still love every moment I'm given. Talk to you guys later, hope you enjoyed this story too. Still kind of new at this though, but I'm somewhat getting the hang of it.

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x Raiinns
x Raiinns

New at this writing in public thing, i hope you guys enjoy ^~^ ! Email me if your interested in hearing about something, i'd be happy to tell ~x♡

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Just One's Love Story
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