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Frank Zaccari3 hours ago
Can You Pick up the Pieces?
The story is too familiar. You are involved in a long term relationship or marriage. It usually starts out wonderful, full of joy and excitement as you pursue your hopes and dreams. You are ready to t...
Lena Bailey3 hours ago
Relationships or Dynamics
A dynamic and a relationship are similar things. Dynamics are sometimes a type of relationship. The difference between a relationship and a dynamic is that a relationship includes more than just sex a...
Shay 3 hours ago
Missing You
I can try, but will never forget to miss you. Sometimes when I think of you I want to drink the cabinets dry, curse your name until my throat is numb, then smoke my lungs black. Then I remember that a...
Eada Hudes5 hours ago
Date Them Good: Teen Dating Tips for Every Beginner
Teen life is not easy. From changing hormones and moods to the evolving bodies and your perspective of this world, everything seems to be under a constant state of turbulence. The sad part is that you...
Friendships in Your Thirties
It’s frighteningly easy to feel lost in your 30s. Up until this point, if you’re anything like me, you'll have spent your life indulgently exploring your independence alongside some truly marvellous c...
Shay 7 hours ago
Why Do We Love?
Monogamy is not meant for humans. It’s just not in our nature. We are biologically made for polygamy. The idea of having one partner for life was basically a power move made by our ancestors as a way ...
Lost Stars in Acoustic Skies (Ch. 3)
"You always change keys at that part!" Jeon laughed, frustrated at my consistent failure to stay on key. He clutched his acoustic tightly as we sat knee to knee on the park bench. He would never call ...
Andria Nella9 hours ago
Man, Was He Cute!
I didn't think that at my age, 38, that I still had the ability to be dumbstruck by a really cute guy! Actually, strike that by a very tall, muscled built hunk! But boy, was I wrong. Grab your popcorn...
tianj .9 hours ago
Hidden Behind My Smile... (Pt. 1)
We all want a happy ending, no matter what happens in our lives. I get annoyed whenever people say, “Bad experiences are what made you who you are today.” If I had a choice I would choose only happine...