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10 Signs She's Stringing You Along
If there's one thing I hear my guy friends complaining about on a regular basis, it's how difficult it is to understand what girls are thinking. In fact, the biggest complaint they have is that they c...
Sasha Konikovo4 hours ago
11 Things No One Tells You About Being a Swinger
The night my partner proposed to me, he made out with a green-haired girl wearing a loincloth. People balked and got worried about how I'd react, but I didn't bat an eye. Actually, I had just finished...
ASHLEY SMITH5 hours ago
Finding the One
So the saying goes, there is someone for everyone. The problem is finding them and what you need to get through on the way. The first relationship might not be the one, maybe not the second. In fact, ...
Chris Dee5 hours ago
Coming Out of the Closet 101
Coming to terms with the fact that you’re gay can be hard enough, but for most of us, coming out of the closet can be even harder. (Yes, even in 2019.) To begin with, not everyone in a gay person’s li...
George Boundy6 hours ago
Average Boy, Looking
Jacob was your average sort of guy. Or at least that's what he told people, and the people believed him. Sitting in a coffee shop on a Wednesday afternoon in March, he realised for the first time that...
Ronnstah Ella6 hours ago
Netflix & Chill
The alarm on her phone went off at six in the morning. She rolled over to turn off her alarm. As she held her phone in her hand, she scrolled through the notifications on her lock screen. Nothing appe...
Mariah Dunn7 hours ago
When a Friendship Ends
Breakups hurt. They leave you confused, lonely, and with your brain constantly repeating “what if” scenarios. Friendship breakups are no different; in fact, sometimes they seem more painful because ea...
Marianna Draws8 hours ago
Surviving Your Married Friends When You're the Last Single Person in Your Group
Getting older now, tick tock! Time is marching on! Is the shelf getting dusty? Of course, nothing can get worse than being the last single person left in your group!
Leila Dorari8 hours ago
5 Reasons Engaged Couples Should Sign a Prenup Before Marriage
When the engagement buzz wears off, you will be left contemplating about all those boxes that need to be checked off before the big day. This is the time for a future husband and wife to sit down and ...