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Katie Hall5 minutes ago
There was an ache in her chest, somewhere around where her heart used to be. And not the dull kind of ache you get when you fuck up and know you fucked up. Not the kind of ache you get when you have a...
Yannick Taylor44 minutes ago
Single Is Okay
Single life is a unique experience. Being single can be fun, but it can also be annoying. Rest assured that although you are single it does not mean that you are miserable. Society has taught us that being single in your thirties indicates that you are miserable. This idea that being single in your thirties means that you are miserable is a farce and very unreasonable. This ideal has caused many of us that are in the 30 and over club to stress over finding the ideal mate and settling down before...
Gigi Man hour ago
Winter Love
Before I found you, I was lost. Not the, I need my GPS lost. I was spiritually and mentally lost. I didn’t know what I was looking for my life until I met you. As cheesy as it sounds, finding you was ...
Alaina Burris4 hours ago
Dear High School Senior Boyfriend
Dear High School Senior Boyfriend, It's so weird that we started dating back when I was a senior. I say "back when I was senior" like it was forever ago, but it was only last semester. But last semest...
Jax Raven21 hours ago
Planting Seeds
When you start a new chapter, an adventure, the next significant stage of your life, you start to notice an awful lot. Not only about yourself, but your world in general. Recently I left my partner of...
Tara White21 hours ago
The Call
A few years ago I was in a very toxic relationship. I let him cheat on me, call me derogatory names, and control me. He even stormed out of my parents' house on Christmas Day in front of my entire fam...
Tristan Spohn21 hours ago
High School Relationships are Like Stockholm Syndrome
This all branched from an audition tape about a character looking to straight up move in with his girlfriend after high school. An extreme case of course, but it got me thinking about love, and more s...
Teaching People How to Treat You
This topic seems to come up every now and again in discussions I have with people, mainly friends and sometimes family members as well. It is so easy sometimes to notice toxic behaviors in other peopl...
Janel Raya day ago
I Did Love You
"I'll love you to the moon and back!" Yeah, that cheesy line! From that special someone, it used to mean so much to me.. "I love you." Why do we part our lips from each other to say those simple three...