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Life As an Empath

Pros and Cons

We are all born with some sense of empathy. Children cry easily to movies, situations that don’t directly affect them, and they sense other’s emotions as their own. For some people though, that strong sense of empathy never fades. Some see it as a very special gift. It’s even been noted as superhuman. Others consider it a massive curse, something that’s completely irritating and overwhelming.

There are empaths that have isolated themselves from people because all the emotions they’re feeling from every single person around them is too much to bear. One empath isolated herself away from London because of the mass population. It was difficult for her to carry all the emotions surrounding her. She now lives alone on a farm with sheep and expresses herself through poetry. There are also people who come together as a group to embrace and talk about their emotions as an empath. In NY there is a group that meets to go over what they’re going through on a daily basis. How it either lifts or weighs them down and how they can center themselves. 

Being an empath myself, I decided to share some of my personal pros and cons. Hopefully to spread some understanding on the topic, as well as help any other people out there that may be feeling the same way. 


Empaths are naturally nurturing people. Strangers, friends and even animals feel extremely comfortable around you.

People come to you for advice and emotional support in their life. You take in their emotions even if they don’t know you’re an empath. They can feel the weight of whatever is plaguing them literally lifting off them just being around you.

Empaths when using their energy properly can be very healing to people and animals. Sometimes without saying a word. I personally have had many strangers come to me and tell me extremely personal details about their lives. By simply listening and touching their hands or shoulder, they’ve told me they feel 100 times better. 


Empaths feel every single emotion of every single person around them. This includes their sadness, anger, and anxiety. When I say they feel it, they literally feel it as if it’s their own emotions.

Large crowds, concerts, even grocery stores are intense for an empath. It’s very hard to keep yourself centered when every minute you’re feeling an array of varying emotions. I myself around Thanksgiving in a crowded grocery store had to leave my shopping cart and leave. The amount of emotions I could feel was very overwhelming for me.

Empaths tend to become a little anti social. It’s not as if they don’t enjoy being social. I myself love being social, but in certain situations I know that I’ll be too burdened by everyone’s feelings around me that I won’t be allowed to enjoy my surroundings.

Good advice for an empath is to learn your own ways to let other’s emotions go. It took me awhile to get to a place where I could shake those emotions off so they were no longer weighing me down. Meditation is a great way to center yourself. Some use crystals, others find solitude in nature or being surrounded by animals. Learning how to balance your shakras is another great way to center yourself. Reaching out to others like you helps tremendously. Find what’s good for you. Just remember, you’re emotional well being is what’s most important.

If you think you may be an empath I encourage you to do some studying on the subject. Good signs that you are include feeling down or overwhelmed in public or around certain people, getting exhausted after parties, or working in retail, the restaurant business or any kind of career that demands you work more one on one with people. Another indication is if random people, family, and friends consistently come to you seeking your advice and guidance. Animals instantly seem calm and comfortable around you and seem to bond easily to you. These are all signs you most likely have some form of the wonderful power of empath in you.

Hopefully, this article helps anyone who either knows or thinks they may have this sense in them. Either way, learn to embrace the gift given to you. It’s extremely special. 

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Life As an Empath
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