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Living with Your Best Friend

A Blessing and a Curse

Living with your best friend is a dream come true, yet a nightmare all at the same time. No matter how much you hang out with your friend, there will always be something new to learn about them when you move in together. Not to mention the other responsibilities that go along with having a roommate. I decided to get a house with my best friend for my last year of college to save some money before I hit the road as a traveling nurse. We hung out almost every day and have known each other for eight years. I was living on my own a year before this and that was the greatest thing I ever did. I am not saying that I regret my decision, just a huge adjustment. It's not like living with siblings. Siblings you can scream and fight, if you dare do those things with your best friend, there is bound to be some turmoil that you two may not be able to recover from.

I put the lease in my name, we agreed to split all the bills in half, including groceries. What we did not discuss that I am just coming to realize after 2 weeks is my shampoo is about gone, my feminine products are about gone and she is up way too early. So now I have to figure out a way to nicely tell her that she needs to buy her own shampoo and other bathroom products as well because I can not live with someone taking everything.

She has come from living at home with parents, so this is a new experience for her that I am more than happy to guide her on. But this is a new experience for me living with a friend.

Another thing that I did not think about before all this, is she has other friends. Sure, that's great, but what is not great, we did not discuss quiet times as I work super early in the morning and they had no respect for me having to be up early in the morning even though she was off. And of course, there are those friends of hers that I can not stand. They are disrespectful, no good, two-faced girls, but I let it be because they are her friends. I do have to say that this may have changed my mind in the beginning because when she gets around them, she becomes the same way.

There are also the great things about living with your best friend. There is not an awkward meet and greet or interviews with a random stranger coming to live in your house. You will also know the majority of their flaws, habits, likes, and dislikes.

You share things, the chores, the bills, the cooking, the cleaning. All the responsibilities are shared. When you come from living on your own and her coming from already coming from a set cleaning and house routine, it works out well. Although her being the morning person, the majority of the house is cleaned. No offense, but working full time, going to school for two different things, I am NOT sacrificing my sleep to wake up early and clean. (Sorry, not sorry).

And even though we don't see each other much because work and school. When we do take a timeout, it is never a bad time. We laugh hysterically, in tears, every time we are together. Through the bumps and the potholes, you are always going to be there. Not just for me, but for myself. And all the downs just means there are that many ups to follow. I am taking a year out of my life to just live, live with my best friend.

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Living with Your Best Friend
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